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  1. Good Luck testers! Looking forward to reading these reviews
  2. Congratulations to those selected. I am looking forward to reading these reviews!
  3. Interesting read. I guess I won't be so quick to turn em away when I find them next to mine.
  4. JudgeSmails and I were able to get our last round of the season in, last friday. I shot a 41 (Par 36) on the Front. The shot of my round was on my 2nd shot of hole 5 (Par 5) I hit my 5W, as well as i can hit it. It landed approximately 3 yards away from being able to have putted for eagle. The ball rolled into the wet second cut instead of rolling onto the green. (I did make my par after missing my birdie putt) Many positives on the progress of my game, this year. Just wanted to chime in.
  5. and maybe i misunderstood the original question, (i just reread it) but when i saw it last night, i ran out and grabbed my wifes phone just trying to utilize as much as i could. my apologies. but yes, i personally have a water bottle for it.
  6. I use GolfLogix on my phone. So I just keep that in my back pocket to get my distances, while walking. The valuables pocket I put my wallet and my car keys. I found that it putting all 3 in there i couldn't zip it up.
  7. yes, but there was a question about using it for possibly using it for your phone or extra balls.
  8. I put my wifes iPhone, we have the 14, it does sink about an 2 inches, so you have to fish it out. I wouldn't recommend a sleeve of balls, with the box. i think it would tear up the cooler pocket. Hope this gives you an idea
  9. Bump. I've added my first impression, plus a pic in the thread. If you have any suggestions or ideas on what you want us testers to do, please respond. I've done everything to this bag besides dragging it behind my car for 3 miles.
  10. Walking up to the first Tee on our weekly round. I've been getting my review together, but I wanted to get a picture on the thread.
  11. I love reading reviews on Irons. I can't wait to read these and see if they're as good as advertised.
  12. I took my 14 year old nephew out for a round the other day. It was his 4th time ever playing, 3 have been with me. A lot of worm burners and he seemed stressed at times. Then he sticks the green from 140 with a 6 iron and a legit par on 9, a par 3. His attitude totally changed. He was determined to do it again. On the back 9, there were more worm burners. Then, on 18, he tattooed his approach shot (again with 6 Iron). He told me he can't wait to get out again. I had to apologize to my sister in law afterwards, for all the golf talk she's going to have to endure from now on. I may have added a member to our wolf pack.
  13. Praying that the wrist will be ok.
  14. do you have a Hole in One? i've been close numerous times. but i'm still Oh-Fer
  15. sorry to read that that 6 Hybrid didn't roll that extra foot for the Ace.
  16. I use an EVNROLL ER-3. She's my baby.
  17. yesterday my doorbell rang, and I thought a UPS truck had left. I ran down the stairs, only to find that the neighbor girl said that the "mean boys down the street" pulled a "ding dong ditch"
  18. I seemed to grasp the concept yesterday for 17 holes. I hit a bad drive on 18. Then my 2nd shot hit into some trees. my approach out of the trees wound up in a bunker. dug it out of a bunker but failed to get it on the green, chipped it from there close to hole then 1 putted for a double bogey, which caused me to lose our "final three hole challenge by 1 stroke" I shot an 87 on a very tough course. 44/43. I love that course and am stoked how well i played.
  19. Practice paid off. I was only able to hit my 5 wood one time yesterday and smoked it up the fairway. just thinking of that shot causes a cheshire cat grin
  20. went to the range last night to work on my 3 Wood and 5 Wood. I feel that I can hit those a mile on the range, but get me on the course and I'm clueless. I was working on just focusing more on my tempo to make sure that I don't hurry through my swing and thus topping them. It was interesting, plus it seems as though the ball went further. Hoping it translates to our next round.
  21. Nothing much to brag about, but I drained a 10 footer for Bogey yesterday on 18 at Chestnut Hills in Fort Wayne. It's a par 5 with a creek. I had to lay up which left me laying 2 with 160 to center of the green. My shot would up in the bunker. I failed to get it on the green from the sand, but did get it out. I chipped it onto the green but left about a 10 footer for bogey. The bogey putt kept me under 90. It was just a weird round yesterday, I honestly thought i played like crap, but when I added up the score and saw that i shot an 89, it gave me a good feeling. The joys of golf.
  22. I don't know how many do this, but I've kind of become addicted to GolfEtail deals. (don't tell my wife) The Greg Norman Mystery Box golf shirts. Usually it's 2 shirts for $26.00. I've actually gotten 3 mystery boxes this year. It's kind of fun seeing what they'll throw in. Plus, it gives me more shirts for work, too.
  23. Stitch Golf SL2 Golf Bags – Official MGS Forum Review by Josmi15 I feel honored to have been selected to test the Stitch SL2 Stand Bag. Thank you to MGS and Stitch Golf for this tremendous opportunity. My name is Josh, and my handle is Josmi15. I've been a spy since March 2016. I'm a married man, father of two who sees himself as a cross between Al Bundy & Clark Griswold. I really became hooked on golf back in 2012. I've lived in the Fort Wayne area my whole life. I go to the range every chance that I get. I also get out for a round of golf at least once a week. My playing partner @JudgeSmails and I have been friends since we were kids, so that makes it fun. The Personal Questions: • What region do you play out of? Northeast Indiana is my primary region. I like the challenge of all our area courses. Each one stands out in their own unique ways, which keeps the game fun. • How long have you been golfing? I've owned clubs since 1997, but really started taking my game serious and improving my scores since 2012. • What kind of golfer are you? I normally break 90, breaking 80 is one of my goals. My main goal is to have more par or better scores than double bogey or worse. That is what I call success. I am also the type that has a range finder and uses the GolfLogix app. I have been fitted for my Wedges and my Irons. The Golf Questions: • How do you want to test this product? I plan on utilizing this as my main bag for range sessions and the courses that I'm comfortable with walking. I admit that some courses are easier on the knees than others to walk. • What are your plans for the review and comparisons? I currently have two Sun Mountain C-130's, one blue and the other orange. Those are nice to put on my Quad XL and go play. 4-way club divider is going to be interesting as I have had 14-way for over 10 years. Pockets are also a priority of mine. It will be different with just the essentials. I plan on weighing it once the bag is loaded. • What will make this product stay with you after testing? Seeing that we play a round of golf in 3.5 hours if this would increase due to just getting reacquainted to walking instead of riding. I am curious if my scores would be impacted, maybe being worn out by the time I'm on the back nine. On a side note, If I notice myself getting back into shape, it’ll stay. • Why are you excited about testing this product? I'm an equipment junky. I have been looking into getting a lightweight walking bag for a while. My wife about had a stroke when I found a lightweight bag at Marshalls about a month ago for $99.99. That's another reason that I buy clubs when she's not around. I’m curious if it’s durable to withstand the multiple trips I take to the range on a weekly basis. I also want to see how it handles the additional strain of the weekly round of golf. • What do you know about the product already? I already subscribe to stitchgolf.com and receive information from them from time to time. I follow them on Instagram and Twitter to keep an eye on apparel sales. A lightweight bag stand bag is something that I have recently thought about purchasing. • What are your expectations? I’m expecting the bag to hold up to the strain of wear and tear of regular use. I had a period about 6 or 7 years ago with a my old bag that I had to get it replaced by the manufacturer multiple times. I don't want to see loose threads when I pull out a club. Through regular use, I expect it to hold up. I plan on getting it to and from the course and range multiple times and want to see how much wear and tear it can take. Website indicates. I look forward to testing these out. I have always preferred the single strap, but I will try them both out during my review. I want to make sure that I provide the most in-depth analysis that I can. Here is the picture of the color of the bag I selected. ******************************************** First Impression: 9 out of 10 I received notification that my package was delivered, while working from my home office. As luck would have it, my workday was just getting finished. I ran downstairs and scared the cat and with Phone in hand, grabbed a pic of my package on the front porch. First Impressions 9 of 10 After removing the bag from the box, I added the single shoulder straps. To pardon the pun, it was a snap. I have never owned a stand bag before, so I was uncertain with how it changes from a single strap to a double strap. It never dawned on me to think that a company would just provide both and let the consumer choose. I guess I’m still naïve on some things. I quickly learned that and then some. Yesterday I set up the double strap and walked around my yard with it on. My neighbors were probably wondering what I was doing. I’m more comfortable with the single strap. I wanted to weigh the bag with clubs and a sleeve of golf balls and 4 golf tees. I loaded it with only 12 clubs: Driver, 3Wood, 18.5 degree Hybrid, 4 Iron thru 9 Iron PW, AW & Putter. I wanted a starting point to see how heavy it would be as the bag is advertised at 3.5 lbs. I figured I would load it with enough to get me through a normal round of 18 on an executive course. The full load came out at 17.4 lbs. My fully loaded bag currently weighs in at 35 lbs. As luck would have it, that and a typical Indiana August day, a thunderstorm rolled in. I decided that it would be a good time to see how it handles getting rained on. I let it get rained on for a couple of minutes. Then brought it into the garage and verified that my clubs were still dry. I even unzipped the cover and pulled a club out to try and simulate being on the course during a drizzle. The water just beaded up on the bag and just rolled off. To loosely quote Carl Spackler “I’d keep playing, I don’t think the heavy stuff will come down for quite a while.” The bag comes with a QR Code to scan, and it takes you directly to the Stich site, where you can get a Personalized Ingot. Talk about easy! There is a cost of $10.00, they even provide you an option of breaking that up over 4 payments. If gave me a feeling that they are looking out for the customer. The site was very user friendly. The water bottle pocket looks like it can hold a plastic water bottle. I did manage to get a tumbler into it, but it was a tight squeeze. I have taken it to the range multiple times and once on the course. As far as first Impressions go, the bag seems to be doing well. ************************************************************************************************************************* Aesthetics (15 out of 20) The bag itself is top shelf quality made. I feel it is my job to try to find things wrong with it. It held up while getting rained on and serving its purpose to keep my clubs dry. The pockets just didn’t feel as though there was enough give. Numerous times I felt I really had to dig to get something out of the pockets. The Cooler pocket does hold a bottle of water, but my tumbler was a tight squeeze. The Numbers (20 out of 20) My overall play didn’t suffer due to walking and carrying the bag. In this category, I feel confident in rating it a perfect 20. On The Course (18 out of 20) On the course this bag does what it is advertised to do. It is compact and lightweight. The straps are easy to fasten in and adjust on the fly. I learned that on my first day with it, when my putter slid out of the bag while walking up to the range. (It was my wood shafted Spalding putter from the 1940’s, not my gamer. I did have a worry moment when it hit the cart path.) On another personal note, I noticed that it did not hurt my play from walking 18 carrying this bag. It does make for a good work out. The Good, the bad, the in-between (8 out of 10) The Good: 1. Lightweight, for the person that prefers to walk the course, this bag does deliver on its promise. 2. Leg stand strap. I appreciate that the legs can be secured with a Velcro strap. That prevents damage to the legs on transport to and from the course or the range. 3. Water Resistant. The Bad: 1. Pocket size. The effort to keep it lightweight becomes an issue for those that carry multiple sleeves of balls, tees, range finder, glove, phone, and water. (Which is understandable) 2. 4 dividers. This is no knock on the bag, I came in with an open mind. I have had 14-way dividers for over a decade. I believe I gave it an honest run, but personal preference is the 14-way divider. The In-between: 1. I think the 4 dividers could also be in this section, as well. Personal preference. Play it or Trade it? (17 out of 20) I plan on playing it for range sessions and for walking executive courses. I recently posted that I have introduced my nephew to the game. I plan on using this bag for my attempts to get him hooked on the game, and thus grow my wolfpack. As far as my normal cart bag, I carry too much, and it overwhelms the Stitch bag. As I mentioned above, my current bag fully loaded weighs 35 pounds. I like having a lightweight option to walk the course. Plus, it’s easier getting in and out of my Chevy. As far as using it on my weekly round, I think I will continue to use my cart bag with my pushcart. Conclusion This is a fine bag for the walker. It’s very durable and lightweight. Easy to transport and strong enough to take the abuse of quick access from the car to the course. I honestly didn’t find anything bad about this bag. It serves a purpose. I plan on keeping this for executive courses where I prefer to walk, range sessions and indoor simulators during the winter. I am looking forward to all the options that this bag will provide me. Winter months, having a smaller bag will come in handy, plus living in the mid-west going to the indoor simulator is almost a requirement. Final Score (87 out of 100)
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