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  1. Garret - Boston MA

    3.4 hdcp

    I've been looking at aids that would help me with a typical miss of mine - hard hook left.  I generally take the club back on a pretty good line, but tend to drop to the inside on the downswing especially in pressure situations. Hoping to make solid contact I feel like I need to come from the inside, which I correct at the last second with my wrists and miss left.  I'd like to work with this aid and try to get a better feel for the forward lean at impact.


  2. - Garret

    - Massachusetts

    - GHIN is currently 3.0

    - With varying New England conditions and layouts, I play either a 20* Ping Anser Hybrid or 22* Ping i25 Hybrid both with Fuji Speeder 8.8 Tour Spec X flex or the Ping Rapture 2 iron at 18* with Steelfiber i95 S flex tipped .5".  Longest iron in my MP-5 set is a 4 iron with DG X100


    Would love to see if the Crossover deserves a more permanent position in the bag - thanks MGS!

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