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  1. Dyson from Kansas Cobra King LTD Black w/ Aldila Rogue Black Stiff Flex 105-110 mph... 9 handicap 9.5 degree loft, stiff flex shaft
  2. Dyson from Kansas Cobra King LTD Black with Aldila Rogue Black shaft 105 mph 250 yards 8.9 handicap
  3. Dyson from Kansas Current Handicap 10 Cobra F6 King JPX 900 Forged I was at the US Open following Brooks on Sunday and when I found out he was hitting the Mizuno's I wanted to give them a try, so this sounds like an awesome way to do that!
  4. Dyson from Kansas City 9.9 Current Handicap Never gamed Wilson clubs Cobra F6 King
  5. Dyson, Kansas Cobra Fly Z, UST Mamiya Pro Force V2; or Callaway X Hot, Project X Velocity Around 110 mph 260 average carry
  6. Dyson - Kansas Cleveland Classic 1 series Pro Series Pull putts to the left or leave short.
  7. First Name: Dyson Home State: Kansas Current Handicap: 15 Current Hybrids: TaylorMade RBZ, 19 degrees, standard graphite shaft, stiff flex; Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi 22 degrees, standard steel shaft, stiff flex
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