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  1. Dave C Keswick, VA MacGregor M3 (by Bobby Grace) I would love to try the Impact 3 (RH)
  2. Dave Keswick, VA CaddyTek 4 wheeler, purchased in 2012 I was was a walker my whole golfing life. My current golf course in not conducive to carrying/pushing. A MotoCaddy would make it great to walk again and put some new fun back in my daily golf outings! Thanks for the chance.........dc
  3. Dave, Keswick VA iPad/ iPhone Testing ourdoors Will be hitting at my range and my home net Thanks for the opportunity!.........dc
  4. Dave / Keswick, VA I have used two different hitting nets: 1) Callaway Giant net in a fixed outdoor position 2) I currently own a Ruckett SPDR net which is much easier to put up/take down and use anywhere I have not used a launch monitor with either net, only because I don't own one
  5. Dave Keswick, VA Callaway Epic Flash 9 degree 6.5 index 96 mph TSi2 9 degree (Left Hand)
  6. Dave C Keswick, VA Ping Sedona, Heal-shafted, RH Ketsch - The 3 alignment aids would be a big help. I like a firm face as it helps me to not leave my putts short. I heavier putter also seems to roll the ball better on our greens
  7. Dave Keswick, VA Current Handicap - 6.1 Callaway Apex CF16 (Left Hand) T200 (Left Hand model) Thanks again for this opportunity..........dc
  8. Dave / Virginia Current Handicap - 6.1 Current Hybrids: Titleist 818H1 27 degree, adjusted to 26.25 Titleist 818H1 23 degree, adjusted to 23.75 Titleist 818H1 21 degree Titleist 818H1 19 degree, adjusted to 18.25 This would be an awesome test to be a participant in. I was an early adopter of hybrids and they changed my game for the better. Thanks for the chance to contribute.......GG22
  9. Dave Clark, Keswick VA I do not draw a line Pro V1 Straight black with a 5 in the middle
  10. Dave C Charlottesville, VA Pro-V1 102-105 MPH Thanks for the opportunity!
  11. Dave Clark - Keswick, VA Driver Swing Speed - 101 Current Ball - Titleist Pro-V1 Ball Choice - Tour Thanks for the opportunity.......dc
  12. Dave - Keswick, Virginia 7.8 HDCP / 97 MPH Callaway Rogue Draw 9 degree, Left Hand, Aldila Quaranta 40 Regular Flex Callaway Epic Flash Thanks again for the terrific opportunity!
  13. Dave - Keswick VA HDCP 7.8 Driver Swing Speed - 95 mph Driver - Callaway Rogue Draw 9 degree (LH), Aldila Quaranta 40R Driver to Test - Ping G410 SFT Thanks for the opportunity!
  14. Dave, Keswick VA FootJoy DryJoy Short Sleeve Jacket Played with a friend in KY a few years ago, instant storm with thunder & lightening - it was epic! Thanks for this great chance........dc
  15. Dave Charlottesville, VA HDCP 8.3 Callaway CF16 Apex (Left Hand) - KBS Tour V 100 R Ping I500 - Standard Loft (Left Hand)
  16. 1) Dave 2) Virginia 3) 9.0 HDCP 4) None Thanks for the opportunity...............dc
  17. Dave Clark Keswick, VA Callaway CF16 Apex (LH), KBS Tour-V 100 R 7 Iron Distance - 145 Thanks for the opportunity!
  18. Dave - Virginia Callaway Fusion 10.5 (Left Hand) - UST Mamiya Recoil ES 450/F3 (Regular, 1 inch short) HDCP - 8.9 Swing Speed - 95-100 Left Hand 9.5 - CK Orange Regular
  19. Dave - Virginia Callaway 2016 Apex 6 thru Gap Wedge, KBS Tour-V 100 R (Left Hand) HDCP 8.8 C300 Forged (Left Hand) Thanks Wilson & MGS for the opportunity!
  20. Dave - Virginia Callaway BB Fusion UST Mamiya Recoil ES 450/ES 1 inch short (left hand) 98 SS / 215 HDCP 8.9 Thanks for the opportunity!
  21. Dave - Delaware 8.9 HDCP, 98 SS Callaway BB Fusion 2016, LH 10.5 degree, UST Recoil ES 450/F3, 1 inch short G400 Max, LH 10.5 Regular
  22. Dave in Delaware Left-handed Golfer Callaway Fusion Driver, R Flex - 10.5, one inch short Titleist 915 Hybrids - 2, 3, 4, 5 - R Flex Callaway Apex 2016 Irons - 6 thru Gap Wedge Titleist SM5, 54-10, S Grind Cleveland RTG 58-6 Cleveland Classic 2 (Right Hand), Lie 70, Loft 3 Handicap - 8.8 Goal - Reduce handicap to
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