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  1. Rich: Westminster Colorado I phone XS OS 14.2 Test outdoors and indoors, have a Net return setup as well as Optishot2, blast Motion sensors and golftec practice sessions to compare. Beeen looking for a good outdoor solution to usee against indoor practice.
  2. Rich B Boulder Colorado Strenth: Sand and full shots Weakness: pitches, half shots, chipping around the green from tight lies and any rough. Current wedges: vokey 6 50/08, Callaway PM 58/10, older Gen Taylormade ATM 64/? Have 30 used/recycled wedges that rotate after bad rounds. Ideal is a matched set to maintain consistency. Set: Ideal would probably be 52*SS, 56*WS, 60TS, 2 degrees flat, 3/4" short, KBS shafts. Have been a big fan of Ping forever, though currently only have 17 and 26 degeree hybrids in bag.
  3. Rich Colorado 10 Handicap Looking at new irons, currently using Taylormade RSI2
  4. 1. Rich Bogen Colorado 2. USGA Index 8.8 3. Switch back and forth between taylormade tour preferred X and PRO V1 X. 4. Average 12 rounds a month.
  5. Rich Colorado Furura center shaft go-lo Tour or Pro Xdream Miss Short or left
  6. Rich Colorado 8.8 Index Ping g-25 17, Taylor Made RBZ2 24 (TP), Ping g-15 27 (All 3 reg shaft, cut 3/4", oversize lambkin grips)
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