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  1. Rich: Westminster Colorado

    I phone XS OS 14.2

    Test outdoors and indoors, have a Net return setup as well as Optishot2, blast Motion sensors and golftec practice sessions to compare.

    Beeen looking for a good outdoor solution to usee against indoor practice.



  2. Rich B

    Boulder Colorado

    Strenth: Sand and full shots

    Weakness: pitches, half shots, chipping around the green from tight lies and any rough.


    Current wedges: vokey 6 50/08, Callaway PM 58/10, older Gen Taylormade ATM 64/?

    Have 30 used/recycled wedges that rotate after bad rounds.


    Ideal is a matched set to maintain consistency.


    Set: Ideal would probably be 52*SS, 56*WS, 60TS, 2 degrees flat, 3/4" short, KBS shafts. 


    Have been a big fan of Ping forever, though currently only have 17 and 26 degeree hybrids in bag.

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