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  1. Nick Texas 4.9 Ping i200s I tend to have consistent distance but miss left and right. Primarily hook left push right.
  2. Nick, Texas Probably 30+ I usually carry but that gets a little rough in Texas summers so I've been looking at getting a push cart recently.
  3. Nick, Texas Nike Covert 2.0, Kuro Kage Silver, X-Flex 109-110mph, 270yds
  4. Name: Nick State: Texas Index: 4.0 Current Clubs: 19 degree Titleist 503.H Stiff; Titleist AP2 3i Project X 6.0 I've never found a true hybrid to replace my long irons. I play this older Titleist model as a driving iron specifically because it's closer to this crossover style so I'm very interested in this Ping release.
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