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  1. So I went through an extensive driver fitting today. As I thought..actually worse than I thought...On trackman my current setup was generating over 5500 rpm of spin...whoa. Ended up getting fit into a Callaway Rogue Sub Zero, Evenflow Black X flex at 45 inches. The Trackman numbers are Clubhead 115.7, Ball speed 173.7, launch 11.5, spin 1678 all for 298.2 Carry, 329.3 total distance. Worked out I think
  2. I'm currently gaming a Cobra Fly Z set at 9 deg, with a Graffalloy Bi-Matrix shaft in X flex. I installed the Bi-matrix shaft in hopes of bringing ball flight and spin rate down. It's worked, but not nearly enough. Am contemplating a new driver (Low Spin Model) but also have had thoughts of doing a hot melt job on the Fly Z and positioning the Hot Melt high and forward in the head. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. 1. Thomas, New York ​2. Handicap 2.8, swing speed 119-123 3. Cobra Fly-Z, graffaloy bi-matrix x flex 4. The PING G400 LST, Ping Tour 75 X flex This may be exactly what I need to lower spin numbers without sacrificing a ton of forgiveness
  4. 1. Thomas New York 2. Driver: Cobra Fly-Z, Graffaloy Bi-Matrix shaft in X Flex Hybrid: Maltby KE$ Tour HDI 19 deg, Kuro Kage Black Shaft, X Flex Irons: Callaway Apex Pro 16 Irons, 4-PW, KBS Tour C-Taper shaft, X Flex Wedges: Mizuno S-5, 52, 56, 60 KBS Tour C-Taper shaft, S Flex Putter: Yes! blade putter 35" 3. Current Handicap: 2.8 4. For 2018 I am hoping to continue to lower my handicap. I am intending on entering numerous local tournaments as well as attempting at least 1 local and 1 national qualifier. I want to focus on dialing in my wedge and short iron play to give myself more chances at birdie as well as hopefully get a driver into the bag that will spin less. My current gamer is giving me well over 3000 rpm of spin which is robbing me of yards. I get virutally zero rollout. I would be thrilled to take part in this test and share the experience with the forum members.
  5. - Thomas New York - 2.8 handicap index - Callaway Chrome Soft - Definitely a higher spin player, desperately trying to reduce driver spin. Would love to conduct a full testing of the Snell Red ball. Since Callaway's Chrome Soft is coming in at an even higher price point this year I will be considering a change. I did bag the Snell MTB for a while when it was first introduced.
  6. Handicap: 3.6 Cornwall, NY 118mph/286carry F7+ Currently Playing Fly-Z...time to upgrade.
  7. Tom, Putnam Valley, NY Cobra Fly Z, Stock Matrix VLCT SP, X Flex 118 MPH Swing Speed Average Carry 289 as per Trackman 3
  8. Thomas, Putnam Valley, N.Y. Current: Yes! Annie Would like to try pro classic I tend to miss right
  9. Thomas NY 4.4 Callaway Apex Pro 4 iron, KBS C-Taper X-Flex I would love the opportunity to test the Ping Crossover
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