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  1. Would love to test the launch monitor! I will have plenty of time for both inside and outside work this winter and can even simultaneously compare indoors with the Trackman results on the unit I will use once each week. Thanks for the opportunity. - Jim/Moline, IL Apple phone and iPad - iOS Test both indoors into net and outdoors on range
  2. Ping enthusiast since 1975 eager to test the new 710s against the Ping G410s already equipped with ARCCOS that I am considering replacing. Jim 14 G410 Carry: 145
  3. Jim from IL Etonic jacket/FootJoy rainpants Tie for most terrible: 27 holes in Myrtle Beach in driving rain and 39 degrees. Lahinch in Ireland. Huge drops started slowly and rapidly built into a deluge. Came on so fast that we were soaked by the time our rain gear was on. Caddies tried to talk us into quitting, but we were too foolish to listen. Miserable day/great story.
  4. Name: Jim State: Iowa, USA Handicap: 11 Current Irons: Ping G-30 On my seventh set of Pings in 30 years. Let's see if these are really an improvement. Play or practice almost daily, so the review will be well researched. Write for a living, so the review will , at least, be well composed.
  5. Jim Illinois 11.4 Total Failure! I've been working hard (many, many hours on the range) to try t hit more down on the ball, rather than sweep that produces too many thin shots. So far, no luck. Have tried Tour Striker to no avail. If this really works, I'll tell everyone I know. If you are confident in the product, I could not be a better test subject for you. Send quick. I'm going on vacation and, if this works, could return a new man!
  6. Jim, IL Rockin' my McGreggor Response this weekend from 1986, but a Taylormade Spider is my normal with a Two Thumbs grip I picked up in Scotland. The Tour Mallet looks like it would best suit me. Misses are 90 percent left. Happy Masters weekend to all!
  7. 40-year Ping iron loyalist wants to try these! Hook every hybrid ever made, but G30i the least. First Name: Jim Home State: IL Current Handicap: 10.4 Current Sticks: Ping G30 4-iron (True Temper steel/R flex)and G30i Hybrid 19 degrees (R flex/stock graphite shaft).
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