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  1. Blackstone Country Club - Colorado SeeMore putter for last 3 years. Before that owned 3 different Yes putters. Would be interested to see the difference in the Odyssey O-Works groove technology from the Yes. If this thing helps me on the fast and tough greens at Blackstone and Black Bear courses, it would be a God send!! Odyessy in Red works. Thanks, John McLaughlin
  2. Hey, JohnnyGolfer here. MLA Putter Tester- you bet! Looks great and I could stand to lose 6 strokes a round. John AKA JohnnyGolfer Aurora, Colorado Blackstone CC - ClubCorp SeeMore Putter Want to test the MLA Tour Series Mallet 35" green or orange. Thanks
  3. Hey My Spy Golf, It's me again. I am really serious about bringing my handicap down by 5 strokes this season which would take me from a 22 to a 17. This would make me a big season winner in Men's Club at Blackstone CC. I saw this club being hit by PGA Pros at the Dell WGC in Austin. Awesome! I think this Ping technology will really help. Sign me up and I will go to work on dropping 5 strokes and a solid testimonial for Ping or know the reason why in an honest test and review. John McLaughlin, Colorado, Handicap 22, Taylormade fairway woods, 19 & 22 degree, Velox stiff shaft. Thanks, John from Denver
  4. Hi Ping, I'm John McLaughlin, Blackstone CC, Colorado. I'm a 22 handicap that desperately wants to get better before Men's Club begins at the end of April (major blizzard out there right now). My son is a PGA Class A6 and has played your course (graduated ASU 2010). Didn't get any of his abilities but he says I should be an 80's player which means dropping 4 - 5 strokes. That's my goal this year Long hybrids are Taylormade Velox stiff 19 & 22 degree. Thanks, John from Denver
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