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  1. Brian Korn, Ohio USA 7 Arccos I would be really excited about trying this new system. I love my Arccos but tagging every shot can be a royal pain. I could see this new system really streamlining the process. Thanks for the chance MGS!
  2. Brian, Cincinnati OH 8 ​Callaway X2 Hot with xStiff Aldila Tour Green 65 114 mph swing speed I have been playing a Callaway driver for the last 10+ years. First it was the Great Big Bertha 3, which was a hand-me-down from my father. Loved that club, truly the first game changer in my golf game infancy. After playing it through out high school and some of college, I decided to upgrade to the Callaway Diablo Octane. As a college football player I needed a true grip it an rip it kind of club, and the Octane with it's oversized face and extra stiff shaft options was just the club for me. The Octane and I had a great run, the club was long and forgiving. While the Great Big Bertha 3 inspired my game the Octane shaped my game. Unfortunately, this match was short lived as one snowy day in Cincinnati, my best friend and I decided to head to driving range to shake off some winter rust. I committed a cardinal sin and let him hit one ball with my beloved driver, as soon as the ball left the club face I knew it was over. The hossle head joint had snapped, I picked up my broken driver the way old man Parker picked up the broken leg lamp in "A Christmas Story" and slowly walked to the car. The next day I called Callaway preparing my self for the worst... Surprisingly the woman on the other end apologized that the driver had broken and that they would gladly send me their newest driver free of charge. I was speechless, in today's society customer service has fallen into an obscure distant memory, but not with Callaway. True to their word they sent me the X2 Hot that I currently play, and because of their actions gained a customer for life. The X2 quickly made me come to peace with my departed Octane, as I was now not only hitting it longer, but I was able to shape my shots with a high fade or a draw. The workablity of the X2 has brought new depth into my once sophomoric approach to game we all love. Callaway has really impressed me with their recent offerings, and the XR drivers seem to continue this trend. I would love to be a tester for this great company, and be able to share my experiences with all of you. Best of luck to everyone out there, keep em long and straight.
  3. First name- Brian Home state- Ohio Current handicap- 7 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex- TaylorMade R15 Black TP Rescue- Fujikura Speeder 869 Evolution TS, Stiff Flex
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