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  1. i'm definitely happy paying the 20 for the pro version, i don't use the photo upload much but just supporting the service and getting the handicap are more than worth 20 bucks imo. Believe some courses charge to establish an official handicap so i figure it's probably coming out all about the same either way.
  2. there's a little tutorial on how to keep your scorecard for picture uploads. http://www.thegrint.com/range/2016/09/thegrint-scorecard-picture-service-sps/
  3. To me, the best part about The Grint is the ability to access everything from a PC. I like to use a real scorecard when I play and keep my phone off and in my bag, then when I get home and sit down with a beer at the computer I can go in and enter everything really fast from the PC. And like others said, you can also just snap a couple pictures and upload it and they do the rest, but i've found their stat tracking on fairways and putts can be kind of funky when doing the picture route. Plus getting a USGA compliant handicap is a nice added bonus when you do tournaments/outings that ask for a handicap.
  4. First name: Shane Home State/Province/Country: IL USA ​Do you use performance tracking? No Do you use a GPS watch? Yes Which ones? Apple watch with the grint app.
  5. 1. Shane, Illinois 2. 18 3. Nike Vapor Fly Pro w/ MRC Tensei Stiff shaft. 4. 95 MPH, 215 carry. 5. Patrick Rodgers Thanks for the opportunity!
  6. Shane Illinois 25 Handicap Titleist 910H 3 Hybrid, Regular flex shaft.
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