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  1. 1. Lee/ Indiana 2. Current set: Driver: Nke Vapor reg flx 4 wood: Wishon 929 Hybrids 3,4 Wishon 775 Putter: Maltby 5Hi: Wishon sterling 6-GW: Wishon Sterling 37.5" SW,LW: Ben Hogan TK Putter: Maltby Accusite mallet Handicap: 16 Goals: I am so tired of not improving. My main goal is to get to a single digit handicap. I started core training this winter for the first time in my life. I turned 50 in January. I also made a hitting bay at home and am working on fundamentals. I have a plan in place and am tired of my friends beating me at this great game.
  2. For what it's worth, my 15 yr old son has a 105mph swing speed. I was looking, and found, a wishon 919thi driver on eBay that had what I assumed to be the wrong shaft, an integra 45gm shaft, but planned on getting him fit for a new shaft. He has loved it the way it is. Hitting on trackman last week his drives were incredibly tightly dispersed and distance was 290. Now we are wondering if we really should even mess with changing the shaft out. The best part is it was hardly hit, looks new, and I only paid 65 dollars for it. I would suggest looking for a wishon 919thi. Don't believe all
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