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  1. Being a retired firefighter myself, I enjoy time in the kitchen now that I know I won't be interupted by the bells going off!

    I'm pretty good at soups and stews, quite often just winging it based on what's in the freezer and the pantry.

    I also check "All Recipes.com" for suggestions.

    Good Luck!

  2. I was told a while back to use the following formula to determine which set of tees to play:

    5 iron carry distance X 36, for example, say I carry my five iron 175 yards. Multiply by 36 (175 x 36 = 6300).  Find a set of tees as close to 6300 as you can on the course you are playing.

    NOTE:  This method calls for carry distance, not carry and roll!

    It seems to work for me.  Good Luck!

  3. Update:  I recently played a course with standard cup placement and a short piece of 1 & 1/2" pvc pipe at the bottom of the cup.  I think this is my favorite adaptation so far.  PVC piece was short enough to allow room in the cup and I did not see any putts affected (positively or negatively) during play.  Would have been a great day if I wouldn't have had a poor putting day!


    Fairways and greens MyGolfSpy friends!

  4. During this time of pandemic, I have played courses with both the "pool noodle" and the upside-down cup options.  I really don't like either, as they appear to affect putts either adversely or occasionally positively (keeping a ball in the hole that should have lipped out).   Of the two, the upside down cup option seems to be the more consistent option as it allows a more uniform depth of cup option.  

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