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  1. I have had it snow on me, while golfing, but, no real golfing in the snow. As for winter golf boots, I have the Footjoy rain boots, and, am looking at the Adidas S2g Mid-cut golf shoes. My Footjoy rain boots have stretched out, which, has me looking for a replacement. I am in the Pacific Northwest, so, soggy fairways are more of any issue, and, the higher coverage helps to keep water from enter the shoe.
  2. For my full swing wedges, I match my irons - graphite, but, I have stuck with steel on my most lofted wedge.
  3. Zcords tore up my hands, too. I switched to Lamkin Crossline Cords, which, are a little easier on the hands. And, I may be in the process of switching to the non-cord version of the Crossline - inexpensive, plus, they seem to work for me.
  4. I wore out a couple of pairs of Bandons. The Footjoys are on year 3, so, they may need to be replaced soon. The Adidas S2G Mid-cut might be worth a shot.
  5. I use to play in all sorts of weather. Goretex hat, jacket, and, pants. Wool sox with Nike Air Bandons(discontinued, so, I switched to Footjoy Rain Boots). Moisture wicking base layers on top and bottom(most of my bad weather rounds had temperatures in the 40's and 50's.) A lightweight fleece mid layer (hydrophobic), this kept me dry, if my jacket wetted out. If it isn't too windy, an umbrella helps.
  6. If you are on Team Titleist (free to join), you can access your "My Fittings". The specs will be for what you were fitted for, and, may not easily translate to other brands.
  7. The Nike ones come in 3 sizes - Bicep measurement size: S/M (10-12"); M/L (12-14"); L/XL (14-16") I would probably stay away from the one sized options. SParms has 6 different sizes - https://www.tennisexpress.com/SPARMS-Sun-Protection-Sleeves-Plain-Logo-89914?gclid=CjwKCAjw2ZaGBhBoEiwA8pfP_nKiMLvjtQ9ggODXVACHvjqz5w6B9QQKLJimXiXnIp2GDJmmBYlRphoChmsQAvD_BwE
  8. If sized appropriately, arm sleeves will not be too tight or annoying around the biceps. I don't have any slipping problems with my arm sleeves, they stay in place.
  9. No regrets. I have the NIke ones, but, there are plenty of other options.
  10. I have a couple of Walter Hagen long sleeve polo's from Dicks Sporting Good. They do the job. I, also, have the Nike Arm sleeves, and, they work fine for me. I may not be fashionable, but, since, I get a bad reaction from chemical sunscreens, I tend to cover up.
  11. Interesting technology. I would love to give it a test.
  12. What was the key factor in the decision to switch to the push cart? You want to walk, but, no longer want to carry your golf bag. Most golf courses have carts for rent, so, you could try it, to help you decide to switch or not. What are the push carts that are on the market that made the transition easier? I went with a Clicgear 3.5+ (youtube has videos to help you learn the set up process). The Clicgear is a bit of a tank, but, in a good way. The best push carts for 2020 - https://mygolfspy.com/best-push-carts-for-2020/
  13. You might try choking up with your driver as a start. Usually, there is more control with a shorter shaft. I have the same shaft in my Ping G400 Max, playing at 45". Just changing the shaft might not be the answer. If it has an adjustable hosel, you could try changing the loft, up or down. fwiw, I lowered my ball flight by increasing the loft of my 9 degree head to 10.5.
  14. They are worth it to me, but, I can usually find deals, and, rarely pay full price.
  15. Ken Bellevue, WA I walk the majority of my rounds. I use a Clicgear 3.5+
  16. If you are ok with cotton pique polos, you could try Uniqlo - https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men-dry-pique-short-sleeve-polo-shirt-422987.html?dwvar_422987_color=COL39&cgid=men-sale-polo-shirts#start=1&cgid=men-sale-polo-shirts The size charts are fairly accurate.
  17. I am using the FJ rain boots from a couple of seasons ago. Mine have held up fine, though, a friend, that bought a pair of last season's FJ rain boots has a leaking problem. The FJ boots have a 2 year warranty, fwiw.
  18. My first thought when I saw the title of the post was Cobra F6 baffler, which, I have in the bag. It works great for me. good luck in your search
  19. I think you have the lightest and most compact push cart available with the Big Max Blade IP. I roll with a Clicgear 3.5+. Good luck with the Big Max, and, let us know how it works.
  20. nice looking bags! Removeable straps are a nice feature.
  21. Another option is to use a rubber band (thick) and wrap it around a tee a few times. It works great with low tees, and, you can adjust the height to your preference.
  22. Ping Tour Eye rain jacket and pants. They are a few years old, but, they do the job.
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