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    1. 5.4 Monticello, MN
    2. My curreent Irons are Cobra King F8 One length   I hit my 8 iron 130 yards.
    3. I know Sub 70's are made in IL and are using the factory direct model.  I have heard nothing but good things about them.  I am all for made in the USA if they can pull their weight!

    Bridgestone E12 Soft – Official MGS Forum Review by Jackie Santopietro




    Now that I have spent some time at the practice green and I have played 4 rounds It is time for me to let you all know how I really feel about the e12 Soft in a matte yellow.  This is the very beginning of the golf season here in tropical Minnesota and we have had it all thrown at us during this stretch.  This ball has now been tested in the wind, rain and even during some sunshine. 


    Looks & Durability (12 out of 15 points)


    The ball has a nice look to it for a yellow ball, not too bright and does glow nicely in the green grass.  However, this matte yellow ball can be extremely tough to spot in brown grass, leaves and dirt.  I did not lose any balls due to this but I will not play the matte yellow under these conditions in the future.  This is why they offer it in white red and green. 

    As far as short and long term durability goes these balls seem to hold up very well.  They come in the usual golf ball box but the packaging means nothing to me.  The fact that they have the usual Bridgestone dimple pattern is a plus.

    The 3 balls in the photos below are the survivors of my first 72 holes and with the exception of the one I bounced off a tree and fence you can barely tell they have been used.


    Sound & Feel (15 out of 15 points)


    All in all the E12 Soft is a very nice ball to play with.  Kind of a soft feel with a duller sound when hitting it   Enough sound to give you feedback but no annoying click.  When hitting it with the driver there is a nice solid sound and feel and when I hit that sweet spot with my irons, it felt like butter.  With the putter, just a nice soft solid sound.  Hitting the E12 Soft felt somehow familiar but I couldn’t place it.  I went to my living room and started hitting puts then it hit me.  It sounded and felt like an old balata ball, for those that can remember playing with such things.  The sound of the E12 Soft was non-distracting as it should be.

    On-Course Performance (40 out of 40 points)


    Understanding most of my testing has been done under 60 degrees, the E12 Soft performed like a champ.  Off the tee I have been getting over 200 yards and it goes where I expect it to.  Not that the duck hook into the creek or the one into a tree and off a fence were where I wanted but can’t blame the ball for those.  I am blaming it on the rust that has accumulated over the winter.

    I was able to draw and fade the ball but it did not seem to move as much as the Bridgestone RX I normally play with.  I hit a couple of awesome flop shots and my 7 iron bump and runs were working great.  I am not a big spin player so my game will not really test the ball in that regard, but I did have a few check up nicely. I was able to keep the ball low when I needed to keep it under branches and I was able to get it fairly high with approach shots.  Playing a tree lined course, both shots are needed.  Living in the third windiest state in the union, the ball was tested in the wind and it played pretty well in it.  I liked the feel of the Bridgestone E12 Soft for putting and it rolled true for me.  Unfortunately, my putting itself leaves a bit to be desired, but I haven’t found a ball that will fix that.  It is the very beginning of the golf season here in Minnesota and only time will tell where this ball will fit into my arsenal.  It has replaced my old spring and fall soft ball for sure.  Only time will tell if it will creep into my summer lineup or not.

    Miscellaneous (10 out of 10 points)


    When it gets down to the intangibles, I would have to say I trusted the E12 Soft.  In making my shot decisions I never had to not hit a shot due to the ball I was using.  The ball just performed and so it gets 10 out of 10.

    Game Bag or Shag Bag? (20 out of 20 points)

    Plain and simple the E12 Soft is now my spring and fall below 70 degrees gamer.  If you have a swing speed under 90 MPH I would say this ball is for you.  I can’t wait to try the E12 Soft out when it is 80 degrees in and out of the wind.  At 29.99 I feel the E12 Soft is fairly priced and as always I feel Bridgestone is the best ball for your $$$$.  Just ask this years Master’s winner!




    To sum it up quickly, I was very impressed with the Bridgestone E12 Soft.  Plenty of distance off the tee and it comes off the irons nicely.  I liked the feel of the E12 soft around and on the greens.  The only negative is the matte yellow is not good in brown grass and leaves, hard to find and as always do not play yellow golf balls when the dandelions are out.  If your swing speed is dipping below 90 I would highly recommend giving this ball a try.


    Final Score 97 out of 100

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  2. Jackie

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Mizuno JPX 850 irons, Cobra F6+ driver, Taylormade RBZ 3 and 5 wood, Cobra baffles 3 hybrid 4 Adams hybrid, Cleveland Rolex 2.0 wedges 52, 56 and just started using an old Ping Karsten Anser putter


    HI 4.7


    My goal this year is to hit crisper irons and more greens and fairways. I would love to try a full year test, it would force me to keep track of the stats.

  3. Stage Two



    As it stands today, my tournament ball is the Bridgestone B330 RX and its backup is the e6.  Why, simply put they are the longest two balls that I have played with where I enjoy the flight and control of the ball.  The e6 is a bit longer but does not have the spin ability of the B330 RX.  I don't get as much backspin as I would like sometimes, that is what probably makes it easier for me to bounce back and forth between the two.  If you purchase ahead of time you usually can get a buy 3 get one free deal…


    Performance on the Course:




    The performance of the Vice Pro Soft is what you would expect from a soft ball.  It is much easier to get 7/8's of my distance but good luck getting that last eighth.  For me at 70 degrees this was 15 – 20 yards with my driver and about 10 yards with my irons.


    Forgetting about distance, I love the way the ball comes off the club and it performed well in up to 30 MPH wind gusts (Welcome to Minnesota, the third windiest state in the Union.)  The Vice Pro Soft was very consistent in the way it reacted when I was chipping and pitching and it rolled very well when putting.




    I have a medium to high flight on my ball so I do get more carry than roll.  It is April here in Minnesota, so it is damp and the roll is minimum anyway.  The one thing I did notice with the matte finish on the Vice Pro Soft is they picked up a little more dirt than other shiny golf balls.  The dirt washed off at the next tee and all was fine, but it may make the ball harder to find when the grass is a bit taller if the ball is duller from mud.

    For me the Vice Pro Soft will be a good low temp ball.  Being over 29 for a good 20 years or so now, I don't like to swing too hard when it is cold out.  I get stiff and don't want to pull any muscles etc.  I think a shiny finish would be good for when it is damp out otherwise a good ball that I can get some backspin on.




    Course score: 40


    Looks and Durability:


    The packaging for the Vice Pro Soft is different for sure, but that doesn't matter to me, I am buying what is on the inside.  The ball itself came in a matte white finish which I liked, but it did grab some mud on the hole dimming the color but otherwise didn't seem to affect performance unless it was a glob then that is out of the engineer's hands.  I like the matte finish in the sun, the less things glare the better in my book, hence the black wedges.


    I found the Vice Pro Soft golf balls to be very durable.  I played 5 rounds with the same sleeve of balls and the two I did not lose (splash) are still in great shape!


    Looks score: 15


    Sound and Feel:


    The Vice Pro Soft Golf balls had a nice soft feel off the club with a solid but muted sound.  I loved the feel and sound of the golf balls.  The Vice Pro Soft balls rolled beautifully off the putter whether I put a good stroke on it or not…






    Sound and Feel score: 15


    Likelihood of Purchase:


    The Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls will not replace my present tournament balls.  I just cannot give up the distance.  If I need balls for the spring or fall, I would not hesitate to buy these.  I knew this coming in and that is why they are getting the LOP score I am giving them.  They are the best soft golf ball I have used to date and the price is very reasonable for high performance golf balls.


    Likelihood of Purchase Score:20


    Subjective Notes:


    The Vice Soft Pro golf Balls are a very high quality high performance golf ball.  They are durable and affordable, the more you buy the more you save, every golfers dream.  I was able to get 5 rounds in with a sleeve, just awesome!




    To conclude the Vice Pro Soft golf ball is a very good ball and will serve golfers with lower swing speeds or those of us who brave the elements as much as possible to extend our golf season.  Better yet, they come in some very neat colors though I only tested the matte white.


    Colored Vice Pro Soft resized.png


    Total Score: 90

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