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  1. I feel bad for lefties. Always getting the shaft. No pun intended. At least you have Mickle-fat. And Mike Weir... but he's Canadian so I'm not sure if he counts.
  2. What a delicious beer. Truer words couldn't have been spoken. All hail the glory of the hops!
  3. Nice to see so many craft beers from all over the US. Keep the suggestions coming!
  4. Are you rooting for Tiger at the Masters? Rooting against him? What is your rationale? Here are my thoughts: I'm disappointed with the whole situation, but I could give a damn about Tiger's personal life. I feel bad for his kids, but I am going to feel worse for our generation if he fails to crush Jack's majors record. He is the greatest golfer of our generation, probably of all time, and if he doesn't get it done because he wanted to get his freak on with too many skanks after hours, I am going to be pissed! Remember, Kobe was in the dog house after he had issues in Colorado, but
  5. I think Wie is a bit of a dim bulb. I know she went to Stanford, but like you said, this isn't the first time. Does she have the mental capacity to be a professional and handle all of those "rules"? I'm not convinced.
  6. I got nothin' but love for you Sactown! On another note, who is rooting for Tiger, and who is rooting against Tiger at the Masters? Maybe we should start a thread on that topic. I'm such a rookie, maybe someone already did...
  7. I know Sactown... I don't recommend being him. Particularly for a couple of days. LOL! :-)
  8. Yikes! Lefty! But I guess everyone needs some love, even Southpaws.
  9. Do I have a chance to catch anyone? Is it mathematically possible?
  10. Only 100 posts today? Put some air in that ball, bud!

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