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  1. You've gotten lots of good swing advice here, and I'm not one to give you more. I'm an old fart, but regularly shoot in the 80s with a very occasional 70 score. I do think you need to focus as much, or more, on the short game, as some have said---get better around the greens and with a putter. You should also think more about course management---hit your driver and then hit to the middle of the green. Skip the hero shots. As you're a self-described golf nerd, Jon Sherman's material is great for course management---look at his Practical Golf material and website. And there's an excellent podcast series put together by Sherman and a very good swing guru, Adam Young---the name of the podcast is The Sweet Spot. Good luck, keep at it, you have all the tools.
  2. Very interested, very appreciative of another great opportunity
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