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  1. Ended up getting a torch and it did the trick. Just weird considering the heat gun worked on everything else. Good thing to keep in mind going forward if I ever have trouble.
  2. I've been very pleased with the TP5X. I really don't notice much of a difference on the greens between them and the ProV1x. Distance wise off the tee I've had more luck with the TP5.
  3. Really addicted to the look of the RHO. If i wasn't so happy with my O-Works Black 3T I might have one in the bag. Could make a great second putter.
  4. Curious to see reviews on these. I just don't see the point with the price they're at. But then I said the same thing about the TP5x and ended up loving that ball.
  5. Had any of you guys played the C200 previously? Just curious how these compared. I had the C200 for about 6 months last year. Really kind of miss them.
  6. Only a few more days. Glad I saw this - needed to get back on this forum and participate. Good luck to everyone entered in this!
  7. Loved the look of this. Wish I could find one. I'd probably just leave it in the plastic.
  8. Really interested in seeing any of these pics as well. Have a soft spot for Nike clubs and always will. I love my Vapor Fly driver.
  9. Really contemplating this as well. We have a huge lot out back that's just full of wasted space. I'd definitely go with synthetic turf though. My only fear would be of it fading in the sunlight, etc.
  10. Hoping I have another month, but it totally depends on my home course. Typically they'll stay open as long as they can (most years that's Mid Nov) but a lot of the other local courses here are already shutting down.
  11. I have a Taylormade RSI1 7 iron that I'm trying to remove a steel shaft from the head. I bought this online from Dallas Golf and I'm going to be putting a new Recoil SMACWRAP shaft in it. I've tried every way I can think of to remove this head. Multiple passes with a heat gun and using my shaft extractor with no luck. It will not budge. I did all the rest of my irons with no issue. My question is there certain epoxy that is harder to remove and requires something more than a heat gun? Would a torch work better? I'm really not worried about saving the current shaft, but I d
  12. Superstroke 2.0 just feels right to me. I had the Pistol GT 1.0 but I couldn't get used to it.
  13. Anyone have trouble with the align grip staying straight after a swing? Maybe it wasn't installed properly, but I always seem to be adjusting it afterwards... That said it's a really neat reminder on the club. I've enjoyed playing with them.
  14. Been a fan of the Duo for quite some time. coming out with a Matte colored ball is pretty smart IMO. I hope to try these soon. Really helpful especially this time of year in WI.
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