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  1. Mike, California TaylorMade M1 430 10.5, Kuro Kage TiNi Stiff 95-99 SS, 240-250 yd mootrail on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram iPhone
  2. Curious about the lack of conclusions on this club. I have the 4 & 5. it's hard to believe I've actually gotten use to the CRACKKK! of a well struck shot. My pet peve is the weight port screw; they leak and let water into the club head. My 4 went back to Ping to get fix along with a lie adjustment. I was told to Loctite my 5 as I really didn't want to send it in. It's just a nylon screw without a head and you could actually just keep screwing it all the way into the head and loose it. A horrible design and I'm betting it is also at the root of the horrible sound the Crossover makes.
  3. Is there a due date for the final results? Just curious to find out how it all turns out. Just picked up a 5 to go with my 4. Too bad it's on a quick trip to Ping for a color change:(
  4. The standard lie for the Crossover is Blue Dot. It's really important to get the correct lie as the sole is much more iron like then hybrid. I had my adjusted down to a Purple Dot and it made a world of difference in making correct contact with the ball. Mine's a 4, which still launches low with a draw spin and the Alta 70s is fine for swing speeds up to the 90+ mph range. I tried the heavier upgraded shaft and didn't like it as much. Besides the lie, just kept in mind the goofy Ping numbering: It's a 4 Crossover hybrid, but it's really a 3 Iron in loft, launch and distance. 3 or 3i / 4h would have made more sense. The feel and sound is nowhere near a pure as the Rapture DI, but it's way more forgiving off the face and so easy to hit well off the turf. Definitely my favorite club and I pull it out ever chance I get.
  5. Mike CA 18 'cap RBZ Tour 4 / Altus 85 S I also carry a JPX Fli-Hi / XP105 R and no 5 iron. Yes, I hook hybrids to *%^$ and I can't believe I'm carrying two. I've played the Rapture DI 2 / TFC 949 S, but with my 90+ hybrid swing speed, I think I was just on the edge of usability. Some amazing shots, but... I always hoped that Ping would release a DI 3 & 4. Although Ping claims the Crossover is not a driving iron, they do look very alike at address. My first choice would be to try a Crossover 5 Alta S.
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