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  1. Arthur, Lake Worth, Florida Typical score mid-to upper 80s TM RocketBladez, 4-AW May not be the best choice, but if you're looking to see what a 70 yr old that plays 3-4 times a week can do with them..... Good luck to all. They look super.
  2. Arthur, Lake Worth, Florida Callaway Mac Daddy 4s 54* Mid Loft
  3. Arthur Lane, Lake Worth, Florida Yes, Garmin Approach Zen, On course markers, Best guess.
  4. Arthur, Lake Worth, FL 460 80, + or - a couple
  5. Arthur, Lake Worth Fl Never used GPS. Estimate by sight, yardage stakes (100, 150, 200), Zen, and best guess. Technology is fine and useful: more to some than others. I tend to pay more attention to equipment technologies than electronics, but I do always look at how equipment testers and bloggers use the latest tech for their data collection and analysis. Name and Location How do you currently get your yardages? How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf?
  6. Arthur Lane, Lake Worth FL Do not add a line to ball, but line up using the "Titleist" printed on the ball. Titleist AVX (White) Align XL Personalized, Black, Arthur
  7. Arthur/Florida 18 Taylor Made Rocketbladez 125
  8. Parthur


  9. Arthur / Florida Hdcp 17 Cleveland RTX 2.0 50/10 Black Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP 55/12 Satin Mizuno JPX 60/09 Satin Odd yardage finesse/challenge shots
  10. Arthur Florida Rife Tour Blade 460 (after years of Ping Ansers and a brief try with a two-ball). Strength
  11. Arthur, Florida TM M2 Draw/12*/Fujikura Pro 56 XLR8/Senior Flex Hdcp 19, Swing Speed avg 85 mph I do not use LM for data collection Have never played a Tour Edge Driver
  12. Arthur, Florida Tour Velvet Tour Velvet Plus4 Cord I did not see that grip on the GP web site. Hoping it's new. If not available, I would like the Z Grip Align. Need that anti-sweat tech for south Florida summer golf. Thanks.
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