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  1. If you have been fitted then you know what specs accommodate you. If you buy off the rack then...well you take what you're dealt. So I would think that an accomplished player knowing his or her swing could either adjust the clubs themselves, or know where to go to do so. Off the rack people would still review the same as if they just bought off the rack. In short the players in "the know" have the experience to review a club knowing the discrepancies versus a perfect fit. At least that's what I will continue to have faith in as I read and evaluate these reviews.
  2. My miss is a push with the putter. Closing the face only complicates the stroke. Coming from someone who has dealt with the "rights" for years my advice is to pick a very precise routine and set-up when putting. And practice that stroke/set-up at home. Once you straighten out the stroke the routine will aid you in replicating it on the course.
  3. Growing up I had a pet Canadian Goose. Best pet ever. It would fly next to me when I went boating, we swam together, and at night would guard the front door. The neighbors hated it because of the "droppings". But it was a lot of fun. Surprisingly I witnessed it chase off several dogs and raccoons throughout the years. They can definitely be territorial.
  4. Tiger did more for the game than any other individual ever. When he was at his best I do not believe anyone before or since has played at that level. Many of the players he competes against today are products of his success. 79 wins, 14 majors (including Grand Slam), lowest scoring avg ever, and the list goes on. But yea I'm one of those guys that didn't like him. I didn't like his attitude when things weren't going his way (throwing clubs, cursing, etc.), while not his fault I hated when he would get more airtime than the leader, and if I'm going to be honest I really didn't like the fact that he threatened Jack 's major wins record. Now I'm pulling for him. What a great story it would be if he could come back and win. He is older, hopefully wiser, and I hope he gets better. Just not more than 3 more majors better.
  5. Do the boxes come open? (inspected?)
  6. I've been kicking around the idea of giving cigarone a try. Is the process of buying the same as U.S. based vendors? How have your experiences been?
  7. I misread the title. I thought it was Tiger's back.....
  8. I actually left my entire bag of clubs at a course. Playing mini games with friends at a 27 hole course 45 min. from my home. We were enjoying adult beverages at the rate of 6 plus per 9 holes (I didn't drive). Literally just left my clubs on the back of the cart. 2 days later I call my buddy to inform him that I needed to get my clubs out of the back of his Suburban. He promptly replied that he didn't have them. I called the course, and they gave me the run around, claimed they never found them. The next day I drive out to the course and I see my bag in the Pro's equipment room. Even after telling the pro what he would find in each pocket, and the fact that there were golf balls with my name on them he was hesitant to release the clubs to me. His reason behind this was that a member had told him that the clubs belonged to a friend of his. So right before I went postal I remembered that I was custom fit for my Pings, and even ordered additional wedges with matching serial #'s. Therefore I had tangible proof that the clubs were mine. I contacted Ping, Ping notified the Pro who was an authorized dealer and 3 days later I had my clubs back. Needless to say, I haven't been back to that course since.
  9. I have won raffles at tournaments, but nothing online. I have had friends win upwards of $20,000 at our local Moose lodge but I think I use up all my luck up on the course. And that's o.k. with me.
  10. Lets get 2 more, and schedule it on a Sunday.
  11. I've been wanting to hit Darby creek in Marysville. Any interest from the Cbus folks in traveling a little north?
  12. I too have struggled with anxiety during competitive golf matches. When I was a junior it definitely had a negative effect on my game. By forcing myself in to tourney after tourney I began to handle it much better. I think playing really bad helps this more than playing well. To be honest, nowadays I really look forward to a game where the stakes are high enough for me to get the butterflies. Keep playing in that club championship, and look at the nerves as something that adds importance to your game instead of shining a spotlight on your mistakes.
  13. I voted yes, but Chisag makes an interesting point. I may wait for a general conscientious from those that have experienced them before I buy a box.
  14. In 30 years playing I have only had 1 club break on me. It was a Big Bertha Warbird putter with a graphite shaft. I slid my wedge in to my bag and it caught the bend in the putter shaft and cracked it. Sent it to Callaway, and they replaced it with a steel shaft for free.
  15. I want to dress respectable on the course, after all it is a gentlemen's game. I would much prefer to bring attention to myself through my play than through my attire.
  16. How many beers are left in the cooler? Usually followed by "where is the beverage cart?" In all honesty besides a few seconds for club selection, and a few more on reading a putt, I'm not much of a thinker on the course.
  17. I love customizing things and making them "my own". I actually think that 3-400 bucks to bring a putter back to life with some custom changes is fair....for a Scotty. After all, most people playing one are doing so for the look/status anyway.
  18. Do they have an option for turbulators? Jokes aside, If they are comfy then why not. I'll stick to a more traditional shoe, but that's probably just my age showing.
  19. I learn....slowly with a touch of stubborn. I am fortunate enough to frequently play with a pro, and several other talented and observant players who know my swing and can advise me on my misses. However just taking their word for it isn't exactly my style. Apparently I like to struggle until I figure it out myself.
  20. Just had my second child in 3 years (I'm an old parent lol). Playing less than I ever have. Used to be in 3 weekday leagues, skins on Sat, various scrambles etc. on Sun. Now I find myself needing a sub for my only league/day I play. Obviously the game has suffered tremendously. Last Thursday on 9 holes, par 35 I shot a 37 with three birdies. Not upset with the 37, but the triple and the double certainly stung a little. Especially when the triple was a snowman on a par 5 that I am usually hitting an 8 iron into the green on my 2nd shot. The whole season has been nothing but blow-up holes killing my round. Not considering giving it up, but I really need to make time to put in more practice. Maybe a home sim that I can set up next to the nursery
  21. Not saying this applies to you but.. I find that a common mistake beginners make is buying clubs and making them the foundation for improving their game. Lessons will get you to a level where changing clubs may make a big enough difference to justify an investment. Once your swing mechanics are solid a set fit to your body and swing type will maximize your potential. So basically spend the 250 on lessons, develop "your" swing, then get clubs made for you.
  22. I actually touched on this subject in the "stuck in the bag, what won" thread. In the past 10 years the only changes in my bag have been 2 drivers, 1 hybrid, and several driver shafts. I will add that the grooves on my high irons/ wedges are noticeably worn and will be replaced before next season. As much as I have loved my clubs, I am looking forward to some shiny new sticks in the bag. I think I get my new equipment itch scratched from smaller things such as different balls, a new glove, unique ball marker etc.
  23. Going from the car to the tee box will most likely result in some less than ideal shots for myself. If time allows a couple ibuprofen, 20-40 range balls, and 20 min on the putting green will get me ready for the round. I'm jealous of those that can start off cold and still perform.
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