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  1. 1. Hazen Purey - Warren, Michigan (near Detroit) 2. Yes, (Sky Caddie Sg5, Garmin S20, and currently using Garmin Approach x40 on and off the course) 3. Laser Rangefinder and Garmin X40 watch (x40 getting a bit worn out, time for a new one)
  2. First Name/City State: Hazen/ Warren, Michigan Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed:~90
  3. Please tell us the following: Your first name and home state/province Hazen from Michigan Your current putter & putter specs Odyssey white hot #7 center shaft standard lie 35.5" Your preferred Odyssey O-Works model/color : ODYSSEY O-WORKS BLACK #7S PUTTER I have been using the #7 version Odyssey putter for almost as long as I can remember in my golf lifetime. Last year I thought the center shaft would be for me, and it was up until my chronic bad back got worse ( thanks to my US Army days). Want to give the center shaft a break and go back to the hosel shaft and see if it can get me a little more upright in a favorable position for my back.
  4. Hazen--Michigan Odyssey White Hot Pro Center shaft #7 HB 6C (would love to compare to my preferred putter brand Odyssey)
  5. I know this isn't the most current thread but I found it just searching for information on the x40. I bought mine yesterday and will have it on the course for the first time this afternoon. Just wearing it since yesterday has proven to be comfortable. The step count is pretty close to right on the money. I've been looking for a fitness tracker (fitbit) and also missed having a golf GPS watch. When I seen the X40, it was like it was made for me. As Dave said, the app is pretty cool. Tons of information but I haven't had/used it long enough to really use it.
  6. 1. Hazen - Michigan 2.18 3. Nike Covert 2.0 Matrix velox SP95 morCurrent driver and shaft combo 4. 88-95 mph, only 210 carry 5. Phil Mickleson
  7. Michigan weather is killing me, hurry up Spring time!

    1. liquidgolfer63


      I will be back in MI April 22. My home club opens up the 14. Can't wait to get back to Red Hawk in East Tawas, MI

  8. Your first name: Hazen Your home state or province: Michigan Your current handicap: 18 Your current distance measuring method: Laser (Bushnell Tour V3)
  9. First name: Hazen (hey-zen) Home State: Michigan Current Handicap: 15 Current long iron/hybrid: Titleist 913 17 &21° (alternate between regular and stiff shafts according to how my back feels) Army Veteran with back issues that still tries to golf every chance I get. Recently switched to PING irons for the forgiveness and this would fill that spot above my G20 5 iron. This would look good in my camo golf bag, especially when I finally upgrade to a current model of Ping clubs. Thanks for the opportunity MGS!
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