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  1. Neil Alaska Do you use performance tracking? Yes, I use Game Golf currently, but am contemplating switching to a different system Do you use a GPS watch? No Which ones? Game Golf
  2. Neil - Alaska - 17 handicap I've never been custom fit for clubs before, so my dream bag is made up of clubs that are custom fit for me by a pro who knows what's up. I'm open to any club selections if that is what's best for my game.
  3. Neil from Eagle River, AK I pretty much always walk with a push cart, but will ride occasionally when the weather is nasty. I have a cheap cart bag that I got a while ago that I'm no too thrilled with. I'd love the chance to check out a sweet new Sun Mountain bag.
  4. Neil - Eagle River, AK Nike Slingshot - stock shafts - stiff flex Handicap: 18
  5. Neil Anchorage, AK 18 handicap Currently I play the Nike Slingshot 3 hybrid that came with my set, stock steel shaft, stiff flex. I'm looking to get a new set of clubs sometime this year, and am really interested in the crossover irons as an alternative to a hybrid. I've hit a few of my friend's hybrids (Adams, Nike, etc.), but haven't found one that I really like yet.
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