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  1. I echo the praise for FarmLinks. The golf course is interesting and it’s a nice experience. There will also probably be fewer people there and pace of play could be better. I have been 2x in the spring and it has exceeded expectations. Food and lodging is also really good.
  2. Jeff - Minneapolis Yes I have used several. Had a very early GolfLogix handheld, had a pretty early SkyCaddie handheld, had a Garmin watch, currently have a small Garmin handheld If I’m playing my home course, I’m pretty much laser only. If I’m playing somewhere else, I use my Garmin GPS device to get hazards and front-back green yardages, but will also use my Bushnell rangefinder.
  3. 1. Jeff 2. Minnesota, USA 3. 5.9 4. Not currently using a tracking system I'm intrigued by Arccos and the caddie part of it. I play at a course that is quite hilly and it is you sometimes have to pull more club because you have a severely uphill lie, etc. I would be interested in seeing if the algorithm will adapt.
  4. This is great. First name: Jeff State: Minnesota Handicap: 5.3 Hybrid/long irons: 17 degree Ping G30 with stock shaft (stiff). I just got new Callaway Apex irons and for the first time I didn't get a 4-iron, so I have a hole to fill. My 5 iron is an Apex with KBS C-Taper (stiff) Thanks for the consideration. Jeff
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