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  1. I purchased a Tour Edge 5 wood for some reason and started hitting it and found it great. Hit out of fairway bunkers, not a problem. Less than great lie, not a problem. Was playing Titleist off the tee and strong 3, but liked the Tour Edge 5 so much that I got the C721 in a strong 3, added an inch to stock shaft length and absolutely love this club. I use this club off the tee a lot and only lose 5-10 yards, but routinely find the fairway and believe it or not usually hit the ball off the deck on the tee instead of putting a tee under it. I know Tour Edge is not on everyone’s top of mind, but take a look as you try things out. They are making some very nice clubs now and you can usually get a club customized directly from them in 3-4 days and their price is right compared to big names which take forever to get if you customize anything.
  2. Keith Bermuda Run, NC Callaway Mavrik 16 90 TSi2
  3. Keith North Carolina Evnroll Hatchback yes, too inconsistent
  4. Idiots that think they are JB Holmes was a second choice, but I think some courses tend to setup the courses up for 10-20 players that have the skills to play them as set and the run of the mill club players take too much time and strokes trying to play these courses. Golf is supposed to be “fun” but multiple 3 putts tends to diminish that. Our greens are setup so ridiculous that if you get in the wrong spot on the green your shot after your first putt will be chipping back on the green...don’t see the point in that setup. If you go to Scotland and don’t play the big name courses you will be expected to play 18 in about 3:15 walking. Of courses these courses were not built as real estate developments where it’s a 1/4 mile between greens and tee boxes. Bottom line is that country clubs will not address slow play for fear of offending members and many of those playing public/semi-private feel it is their “right” to play as slow as they want for the green fee they paid.
  5. Keith, North Carolina 17, 90 Titleist TS3 G410 Plus
  6. Keith, North Carolina Footjoy we are +20 in rain for the past year, so last 3 months of play...wet, wet, wet, cold, wet. Many times no place for relief from what they now call temporary water
  7. Keith North Carolina 15 G700, regular recoil shaft I'd like to try the I210, same regular recoil shaft
  8. Rory McLroy Henrick Stenson Jimmy Walker Bryson DeChambeau Shubhanker Sharma 271 284
  9. Bought a sleeve of these balls from our pro shop just to see what the were about. Ball has a great feel and seems to sit down well when spun. The ball is 5-10 yards longer than ProV. The only downside I've seen in 36 holes is the finish doesn't seem extremely durable...not bad but seems to become a little dull. Bought a dozen based on experience and the only thing I don't like is the price. Don't know what Tiitleist long term plan is for this ball.
  10. Keith Martin Bermuda Run, NC Bettinardi SS#6 No, not custom The Studio Stock 8 Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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