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  1. Please add my name to those interested in the driver. I am looking for a new driver. Might as well be this one.
  2. I would love this opportunity to test this product. Mike
  3. I would love to increase my swing speed and distance. Mike
  4. Michae;/Midway, UT I have used a hitting net but have never owned one Since I don't have one I not use a launch monitor. I have used launch monitors in golf shops.
  5. Michael / Midway, UT 12 Several pair of footjoys Comfort, stability
  6. Michael - Midway, UT Right hand 1st choice - Hybrid - regular 2nd choice - 3 wood - regular 9.3 handicap I play a Callaway 3 and 4 hybrid
  7. Michael Midway, UT TaylorMade M2 9.3 index 103 mph Tsi3
  8. Mike, Midway Utah USA TaylorMade Spider I have tried many different putters but I seem to putt best with a mallet type putter. I would love to test the Tomcat 14.
  9. <Mike Bliss - Utah I use a Bushnell laser mostly but I also have an old Garmin Approach S6 I use the Bushnell Laser usually
  10. Michael/ Midway, UT Before each round for about 1/2 hour. I play 3 times a week too many, 4-6 a round I want to be a better putter. When I manage to putt well I score well. This looks to be a way to really improve the visual learning for me.
  11. Mike = Midway UT I have an old Garmin range finder and Bushnell S3. My concern is that we make the game so "long" that we lose the strategy of the game but it is what it is. I love the club and ball changes that give more consistency and reliability. I just hope we don't take distance as the end all to this. I also appreciate the new ways to give us distances. I think we can use it to be faster in our play. Mike
  12. Mike - Utah 12 Cleveland I love my 60 degree so pitching 35 - 60 yards is my favorite
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