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About Me

About me:

Name - Hari

I play Left Handed - (one of the few that plays golf the RIGHT way  ^_^ ).

Just like kids growing up in Saskatchewan - right handed but played hockey left handed.

HDCP - now up to 21.9 (now ready to kick butt after working like a dog on fitness, flexibility, and lessons).


Golfing since 1998.


My collection of bag's:

1. My wife (she knows this)
2. Sun Mountain (SM) C130 (given to me by my beautiful wife of 17 years)

3. SM 2.5 - now defunct thanks to my father-in-law who ran over it

4. SM 4.5 - my all time fave.

5. Mizuno BR-D2 in Staff blue


I am a walker and now cannot carry, thus back to using my Sunmountain Pre-V1 (yellow) speed cart (another gift by my beautiful wife). And this cart even though about 15 years old, looks like it just came out of the showroom



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