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  1. For the Canadians in the group that live in Western Canada, this is an FYI about a golf outing that is being organized and details are posted in the "Arrange a game with fellow spies"
  2. congrads to the winners and expecially Nunfao. This is one hell of a test and it will be a blast.
  3. i have some catching up to do. the WGC was the first golf that i watched this year, but considering how much i sucked at these last year, i might have better luck throwing a dart at the tiers. i see some picked Vijay....????? and of course, a big thanks to the forum staff that put these together for us.
  4. Thank you 3???? Time sure does go by. Spent the last week in Philadelphia doing a training session. Looking forward to getting it done and moving on.
  5. Hi guys I'm back and after absence thought maybe I should re- introduce my self. I have been absent for a bit and I think I owe you spies an explanation. And especially to the ones that know me and the ones I respect immensely here and enjoy their banter. I work with CertainTeed in an insulation manufacturing plant. Our plant was very top heavy in the management area and with numerous restructuring ( ie layoffs). We went from 8 managers down to 3. Thus us three have had to assume the duties of the other 5. Thus the days were long and work ended up coming home with me as well. And with the brutal temps up here in the last few months ( with wind chill, temps hit -30 to - 45 C), golf was not on my mind. And my exercising even stopped. Things have settled down now. And I want to meet some people and I have a commitment to get the northwest get together going and a commitment to those members. Now myself. I have been here for about .... I can't really recollect. I think about a year and a half. I joined because I wanted to gain some knowledge and also be part of a group of people that were also nuts about golf as I was. And as I got more involved here, it became addictive. And the quality of this site in terms of content and personnel as I found out with time are second to none. I hail from Medicine Hat, Alberta. A small community in the southeast part of the province. Pop. About 65k. I started golfing in 1998 and handicap hovers around 19. Last year I had the privilege of being selected as a tester for the ping i500's that I need to continue on this year. I have the Shot scope now and am ready to start collecting data. I just worry that I might not have time this summer. All the North American insulation plants are implementing SAP in July. I have also had to assume some of those duties in the sense of getting all the maintenance and MRO systems ready so they can be transferred over. My golfspy name is Har in the Hat..thus becomes evident Medicine Hat is referred to simply as " The Hat".
  6. I bought when as well and have not used it. What is really pathetic is that none of the sharpening knives is the same width as the grooves. What a useless waste of money
  7. Went out today and took advantage of the unseasonally warm weather.
  8. What took you so long? And let the games begin
  9. According to a few articles I have read , this is a big problem on Amazon. Are you aware of it?
  10. So please share your secret... How did you get your wife's approval? I need to know
  11. I would definitely make sure demo days are part of the equation. I see that they are big draws.
  12. You have that right. They are great looking putters
  13. Want to test the new Odyssey putter? Go to Odyssey on Instagram
  14. Guys. As I have been planning and organizing the NorthWest golf outing for MGS, I have been thinking why do we not have a get together in a central location for anyone interested. Now it is a little late to plan and organize for 2019, but what is your thought for a 2020 MGS golf outing in a central American location for anyone interested. What are your thoughts.
  15. I know that Luke Donald was (is) their main professional rep. Was there anyone else? I'm drawing a blank on who else sports their irons on your.
  16. Correct. They are big overseas and that is evident by their European and Japanese websites compared to the American website. Your explanation makes sense about their position. Thank you
  17. I think this topic goes here. Today, Bettinardi released some swag on their website... Especially Hawaiian themed stuff. I almost pulled the trigger and bought the divot tool and ball marker..but I hesitated.. looked at the price and then decided.not to. $85 US for the divot tool .
  18. Awesome @SteddyGolf I'll definitely join. And if you need any help with anything towards this, let me know.
  19. That's a new code. Great deal. And welcome ME. I can't wait for winter to end and start using this.
  20. I wonder if thoughts about what you read on this thread will creep into your head while you are practising? Not to be dismissive of all the posts here and the contributions, but I agree with Chisag, taking advice from others or thinking of what others say about your swing could create chaos in your mind as you process this information or worse yet... start second guessing and thereby damage the progress by your instructor. But my 2 cents only.
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