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  1. Is this leader board active? When I clicked on it nothing happens.
  2. Turning off location services is kinda a mute point now with so many apps wanting to know your location. This will really limit your options
  3. I'll have to look at that video. Thanks RB That is what is missing. It makes sense. The slight squat. Thanks for this Jlukes. I'll check out the video.
  4. I prefer the Chrome finish with just a simple badge. But for wedges, my interest is piqued with the Titlest SM 7 with a black finish ( but will no be able to get it as it is not available for lefties.
  5. I have the first generation Sunmountsin cart as well that has the inner tubes. If you go on Sunmountain's website, they offer replacement solid rubber tires. I see this was already mentioned Sorry
  6. That's a good point that I never thought of. I think it would make more sense to get a portable power pak
  7. Done. Good luck and as another spy mentioned. Please keep us in the loop for future developments and updates
  8. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. One of the things I have been unsuccessful is about using the energy obtained by pushing into the ground to obtain power. It is this force applied to the ground that creates the reactionary (opposite) force that gets transmitted from the legs up to the core and then eventually to the club. And if I am not mistaken it is when you transition from the backswing to the downswing and at that time that you create the weight shift that you then use this energy. I am stumped about using this energy during the transition. Or pushing off the ground?? Has anyone else heard of this or takes advantage of this?
  9. So we had the first PGA tour event with the new rules. And with it came endless discussions on social media and TV about it. Dropping the ball from knee height and the flagstick seem to have dominated the roundtable discussions are you also thinking that the coverage and analysis is too much. And of particular note is that it seems everyone on the planet is posting videos of themselves dropping at knee height. I think this should be posted in the other category "Media"
  10. That is nice. Congrats. Post some pics afterwards
  11. $575 isn't bad considering Tony is saving is $425 bucks
  12. How much are we talking about?
  13. I bow down to people who use large format. That's how the big guys did it
  14. Mirrorless is making big gains in the industry and the reason dslr's are the same size as the cameras of print film is because of the mirror. I was reading an article recently about the transition from film to digital and to minimize the impact / perception of the change on the public, manufacturers kept the changes to a minimum and hence stuck with the mirror. And hence that is why DSLR cameras are the same size. Only now are they realizing that the mirror is not needed and with the disappearance, they will be smaller, have less moving parts, and quicker reaction times. If you go with a standard Dslr there are 2 formats. 1. DX size which has a smaller sensor size ( 25 mm x ?? as opposed to the 35 mm size). Hence the lenses for DX have what's called a crop factor and say for example, you use a 50 mm lense, it will give the same field of view as a 75 mm lense (50 x crop factor of 1.5 = 75mm lens). The second type is a FX DSLR and the sensor is the same size as the sensors used for 35mm cameras. The field of view if the lenses are the same as originally. I used the Nikon View software that comes standard with the cameras. Correct. Film is coming back and I still have all my old 35mm cameras. I have 2 Minoltas.
  15. I think it fair to say that Mizuno is considered a small guy as they have very little tour presence and don't pay for use of their equipment. Am I correct in this thinking? And I use them.
  16. I went through these codes again and it got me thinking about the last year and the overall behaviour that has been exhibited here. You guys rock
  17. Leave it up to MGS to think up of a great contest for us. Thanks guys Now I'm afraid I might damage something in the house attempting something and then having to suffer the wrath of my wife
  18. i used to do photography since i graduated until i met my wife. And then it went by the wayside. Well, with the family getting sick and then finally my turn, i picked up our camera (Nikon D7100) and startedn fooling around with it. And now the itch has come back. I did not see a specific thread on this, so i tought i'd start one and share some pics and more as time progresses. As there is a thread on Pics from the course, i thought i'd stay away from that topic here. So please feel free to add. this first pic is an old one and i decided to see what i could do with some post processing and the second pic is the result.
  19. Yeah, the recent Alexa fiasco isn't helping the cause. But on the other side......"Hey Google, please tell me more about Tony@CIC"
  20. But isn't that point mute. We're still being watched / monitored. And do we trust the government any more?
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