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  1. Thanks The best part of this is that I am really enjoying the workouts.
  2. Me to. Happy birthday Tony. I love reading your articles. Thank you for making this golf dummie a little smarter.
  3. That red definitely is "in your face". As Mizuno has gone away with the blue, I think it might be a trend going to simple proven Grey's or blacks.
  4. pm sent. i didn't sent you anything no3puttlala i'll send you the information as well. thanks
  5. Just read this again. Have to turbine telle and see who's playing
  6. Have the signatures disappeared? Looking at the forum website from the mobile I don't see anyone's signature.
  7. i don't receive anything from this.
  8. I got it as well 2 days ago. Went back this morning to fill it out and it was closed. That was quick.
  9. I also need to get all the golf information together for the 2019 MGS get together.
  10. Dave I know the issue you are having and why you are constantly changing clubs.
  11. Same here. This week we had above freezing temps and I can see the grass. Today I'm going to put the tags (Shotscope) on my clubs.
  12. Guys Would like your opinion on this I was thinking that since most of us have our phones with us while golfing and we are usually on MGS.. would it make sense to have a dedicated section for the rule changes that we can easily refer to?
  13. Playing some tunes while working out. Another
  14. Can we hear the story on that? Anyone remember it?
  15. I love this song Hopefully you make it to the 3:30 mark. That's when it really gets
  16. We want to make sure we experience the full 7000 yards. It's the Indian nature in us to get the most out of everything. I'll tell you a story of what my mom used to do when we were little. When the shampoo bottle was nearly empty, mom would put water in it. And not tell us..so when we went to use...open up the cap, put out our hand out and turn the bottle completely upside down and expecting it to take a few seconds to come out, it would come gushing out and now the bottle is empty.
  17. The daily exercising is helping pass the weekday evenings. Hard to believe X- mas is just around the corner.and then Jan,Feb,March,...won't be long till spring
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