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  1. Best Luck to the selected guys. Wish I could be one of them, had rotator cuff surgery on 6/28 out for 5-6 months.
  2. This is a big test opportunity for members, wish I was able to be part of the testing.
  3. Very interested to test many thanks to mygolfspy
  4. Would love to be a tester. Good luck to all. Like the 4.0 model
  5. Lydia's short was HOTLydia's short game was HOT
  6. Todd / Baton Rouge Louisiana Do not practice putting except before a round. I 3 putt 3-4 times per round. Distance control on putts over 24 ' is my problem. I think from looking at their web site this product/process would help a number of people. Very COOL & interesting. From reading their "more info" I would expect distance control and putter path would only get better for me. Looking forward to reviews as I know I will not be selected. Not in the IN group.
  7. Todd Baton Rouge Louisiana currenty use Shotscope V2 Golf needs more Tech in helping us to get better.
  8. Todd L from Baton Rouge Louisiana currently use ShotScope Best tech update in the last few years for all golfers.
  9. Todd from Baton Rouge Louisiana 91 swing speed VICE Pro+ Tour X
  10. Todd from Baton Rouge Louisiana HDCP 16 Callaway Rouge X 4-pw irons 7 iron 150-155 yards
  11. Todd from Baton Rouge Louisiana use a Bushnell Tour V4 and ShotScope V2
  12. Todd Baton Rouge Louisiana 89 mph driver speed play the VICE Pro+ have not played Snell balls.
  13. Todd from Baton Rouge Louisiana Current putter is a Ping Rusher right hand 35 inch Not a strength but not a weakness either
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