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  1. Would love to be a tester. Good luck to all. Like the 4.0 model
  2. Lydia's short was HOTLydia's short game was HOT
  3. Todd / Baton Rouge Louisiana Do not practice putting except before a round. I 3 putt 3-4 times per round. Distance control on putts over 24 ' is my problem. I think from looking at their web site this product/process would help a number of people. Very COOL & interesting. From reading their "more info" I would expect distance control and putter path would only get better for me. Looking forward to reviews as I know I will not be selected. Not in the IN group.
  4. Todd Baton Rouge Louisiana currenty use Shotscope V2 Golf needs more Tech in helping us to get better.
  5. Todd L from Baton Rouge Louisiana currently use ShotScope Best tech update in the last few years for all golfers.
  6. Todd L from Baton Rouge Louisiana Vice Pro Plus 89 driver speed
  7. Todd from Baton Rouge Louisiana 91 swing speed VICE Pro+ Tour X
  8. Todd from Baton Rouge Louisiana HDCP 16 Callaway Rouge X 4-pw irons 7 iron 150-155 yards
  9. Todd from Baton Rouge Louisiana use a Bushnell Tour V4 and ShotScope V2
  10. Todd Baton Rouge Louisiana 89 mph driver speed play the VICE Pro+ have not played Snell balls.
  11. Todd from Baton Rouge Louisiana Current putter is a Ping Rusher right hand 35 inch Not a strength but not a weakness either
  12. Todd from Louisiana HCP 14 swing speed 89 current driver Harry Griffitts 10deg reg flex Epic Flash Sub Zero
  13. Todd from Baton Rouge Louisiana HCDP 14 swing speed of 90 TaylorMade R15 R flex Want to test the Ping G410SFT
  14. Todd from Baton Rouge Louisiana Titleist Vokey 50, 54, 58
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