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  1. Even though it says that the 18th is the day of release, I acquired the Tour Response Stripe last week, which in this day where their releases all seem to be late. I expect that these will be on time and maybe early for a change. My early look at the TR is very positive and responsive. I have found the latest TP5s somewhat disappointing to me. Their problem is that while perfectly struck shots are as good and maybe better than most real tour balls, slight mishits especially with the driver spin excessively and lose more distance than other balls. The TP5 X is a little better than the non X but that doesn't seem to be an issue with the new Tour Response but I admit the testing is early for that ball.
  2. Every 1.5 to 2 years usually. Although I have different variations of bags that I may go to depending on the situation, location and season.
  3. FYI, Fujikura wasn't at the show either along with all of the Big OEMs. They were debuting new product in a new release Launch. Not sure what high end shaft companies were there. I didn't go this year myself.
  4. Played La Costa in March, absolutely HORRIBLE condition. Champions course shows years of neglect. A $10 muni in a 3rd world country will be in better shape. The Legends was closed and torn up either for re surfacing or re-modeling. The staff secretly mentioned that there is no money being spent on the Champions course and yet they were charging about $100. We were warned by others but we had prepaid. Disaster!
  5. The softest iron heads I have ever hit (and I go back to the forgings of the 60's that I played as a kid even a set from the 50's acquired for fun) is the Maxfli Revolution and the last version of the Austraiian blades made in the late 90's which were cast from Nickel (I don't know the full on composite of the medals such as how much Nickel there was. They had a patented process that went to TaylorMade when they sold. TM never took advantage of it. I have both versions with steel shafts (one set with Precisions prior to Project X and the other had Dynalites) still today and I pull them out once in a while just to compare. Amazing they usually fell softer than today's stuff with graphite shafts. Really butter! They could still easily be played today.
  6. Mitch, Napa CA 96-100 TaylorMade SIM Fujikura Ventus Blue Stiff (real with Velocore) Yes Modus 105 S
  7. Mitch Napa, CA TaylorMade SIM set to 9.7* loft +1 100 TSi3
  8. #1 Posted yesterday at 10:25 AM Testers Wanted (5) There’s something about RAW wedges that elicits a mixed bag of reactions from golfers. Some swear it gives them more spin—that’s a topic for another day—some say they prefer the look of shiny chrome, tour satin or jet-black finish. Remember the days of one choice? At one time the options were so few, many took to the home version of RAW by soaking wedges in Coke and other methods to get them to rust. The last few years have seen many OEM’s offer a RAW version of their wedges. With Cleveland Golf having successfully launched the new RTX Zip Core wedges in the summer, it now is offering the wedge in the popular RAW or it is officially called Tour Rack finish. So, we’re going to let you tell us if raw is better. Testers Wanted We are looking for FIVE dedicated golfers who will receive two wedges in the loft they choose to provide an in depth 4 to 6-week commitment to testing the Tour Rack Zip Core wedges. Testing is open to Right Hand golfers who reside in the US. To Apply please provide the following information: First Name/City State - MCoz Handicap - + 0.5 Current Model Wedges Played - Cleveland RX4 SW , TaylorMade Hi Toe 60* (Tour head, raw face) What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge - The possibility of a little more grip and spin We'll be choosing the testers next week, so check back to see if you have been selected.
  9. M.Coz Napa, California, USA Current: Bobby Grace Night and Day Tour Center shafted 35" with a Stability shaft Primarily prefer a non-offset putter. I use a straight stroke. My interests are in this in Mallet style. Obviously the Piper C fits. Does the Fetch model not have an offset? The picture seems to look that way.
  10. Okay M.Coz, Napa CA I have used 18 Birdies , never tried a watch Mostly a range finder occasionally a program GPS on my phone or tablet
  11. MCoz Napa Valley CA +1 Hdcp TaylorMade P760s T-100 S I am a senior player who has been involved with Golf equipment testing for 25 years in various forms. I have been playing for 60 years through College and competition. I have seen some distance losses. Thus I have been less likely to play the longer tees. Moderate swing speed with quicker tempo has had me going to lighter weight shafts (95 to 105 gram) in stiff flex with high to mid flex point.
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