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  1. About time they slowed down a bit seems like they come out with something new and way better every month! In the meantime you go into a golf store and there are racks upon racks of the last greatest golf club to ever come down the road.
  2. Happened to me once. Purchased a set of Taylor Made irons on EBay. I had them almost two months and the head on the 7 iron snapped like a twig. I contacted Taylor Made to make a claim only to find out they were knock offs. Attempted to contact the seller on eBay only to find out they didn’t exist. eBay Couldn't help me out because I had gone past the time frame. This happens quite a few years ago. This happened quite a few years ago so chalk it up to a very expensive lesson learned. Buyer beware.
  3. Ray Rochester NY handicap 12 currently using 2 Volney wedges 54 and 60 & a Taylor Made PW Love hitting flop shots
  4. Ray Porter Rochester NY Titleist 917 D Fujikura Speeder pro 74 tour spec stuff
  5. Ray / Rochester NY Golf pride MCC Plus 4 align
  6. Ray - Rochester NY 15HDCP / 105 mph Titleist D-17 Epic Flash sub zero.
  7. Ray Porter 14 hdc / 105 mph Titleist 917 G 410 plus
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