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  1. Just curious as to why TM came out with 17.5* loft? The tour 3 wood is 14.5* and the 5 wood is 18*. I was hoping the 4 wood would be 16.5*. Seems like the loft of the 4 wood is too close the 5.
  2. The Ryder Cup is certainly one of my favorite sporting events... but life has got in the way - wife, kids, work, etc... and the time difference is going to make it tough to really give it the time it deserves. The USGA has been very successful in their prime time US Open weekend rounds - who can forget the 3rd and 4th round of the 2008 US Open in san diego with tiger/rooco - and this years at Pebble. Seems like the ryder cup has always been east coast - brookline, oakland hills and valhalla. then i just checked the future, and it is still all central- illinois (medinah 2012), minnesota (hazeltine, 2016), wisconsin (whistling straits, 2020)... beyond the fact that the weather is less than great in october there that time of year, we still won't have a prime time event. Wish the PGA would think about it... how great would a saturday night fourball final that finishes at 9 EST and then the singles ending in primetime on sunday. certainly would be better than competing with college football on saturday afternoon and nfl on sunday afternoon.
  3. I have to agree with you. There is a group of older golfers at my club - about 12 of them ages 55-70 that play 3 times a week. I think 10 of them have bought the Burner irons from the Pro Shop in the past year. It is important to them to be able add distance. They used to hit a 7 iron 150, and they want to get back to that instead of having to hit 5 iron on par 3s they used to hit 9 irons on. They certainly don't want to hit 2 clubs more than their partner, even if they hit it closer. Call it ego, whatever, but they literally rave about the irons. Ask them if they like their irons, and their eyes light up and they talk about how much they love them. And the pro shop has made a lot of money off this "new" technology. Yes, it is hype, but it sells. That being said - the web presentation yesterday was unwatchable.
  4. There are a few training aids out there that help for that. You might want to start with the Swing Extender. I use it every so often when my swing gets too loose.
  5. I thought the same thing. Brandel Chamblee has been talking all night about how every player in the field had the same rules. But i wonder if maybe bubba or kaymer had been there on thurs thru saturday and no one noticed. at the end of the day - this could be another feel good moment for the integrity of the game and why golf is different from other sports. but to me it might be another nail in the coffin sending golf on the way of tennis to be a niche sport. how great would that playoff been. instead we had a playoff that no one cares about.
  6. Still digesting this... my initial thought listening to Mark Wilson from the PGA explain it is not sitting well. I think regardless of the ruling, it is highly unfortunate for everybody involved. Just wish Dustin had ripped a drive down the middle.
  7. It would be like a NFL player saying in mid-season he is going to play for the rival next year. You should just finish the season with whom you are under contract, and then announce it in the offseason. That being said, in this day and age, there was no need for TM to announce this in a press release. Just leak the story to a few bloggers/reporters. Just as effective (maybe more effective), and you are less vulnerable to a lawsuit.
  8. http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Global-Golf-Star-Camilo-Villegas-to-Join-TaylorMade-Tour-Staff-in-2011-1299030.htm Global Golf Star Camilo Villegas to Join TaylorMade Tour Staff in 2011 Ranked No. 25 in the World, the Three-Time PGA Tour Winner Is One of the Brightest Stars in Professional Golf CARLSBAD, CA--(Marketwire - August 3, 2010) - PGA Tour professional Camilo Villegas, currently No. 25 in the World Golf Rankings, will join the TaylorMade-adidas Golf Tour Staff in 2011. Villegas, 28, will play TaylorMade® clubs, a TaylorMade ball, wear TaylorMade headwear, wear a TaylorMade glove, use a TaylorMade staff bag and wear adidas Golf footwear. More details on the relationship between Villegas and TMaG will be revealed on September 9. "Camilo is a winner, a gentleman, and a fan favorite," said Mark King, president and CEO of TaylorMade-adidas Golf. "Cameras tend to find him because he has presence and magnetism that's impressive and rare. Camilo also shares the same values with our brand and our people, including a burning desire to improve and reach his potential. We very much want to help him do that, which is why we believe this is a great fit." Villegas' charisma and aggressive style of play made him an instant sensation on the PGA Tour. He is well known to golf fans for his efficient swing and seemingly effortless power, as well as his signature "Spiderman crouch" when he reads putts, which prompted fans from his home town to nickname him "Hombre Arana." His popularity has also attracted plenty of attention off the golf course, where he has been featured in GQ Magazine and named one of People Magazine's "hottest bachelors" in 2006. A native of Medellin, Colombia who now resides in West Palm Beach, Fla., Villegas notched two runner-up finishes and a total of four top-tens in 2006, his rookie year. His breakthrough triumph came at the 2008 BMW Championship, where he became the first Colombian to win on the PGA Tour; he also captured the TOUR Championship later that year. His most recent victory was the 2010 Honda Classic. He has also won twice internationally: the 2001 Columbian Open and the 2007 Coca-Cola Tokai Classic. Other members of the renowned TaylorMade Tour Staff include Justin Rose, Martin Kaymer, Dustin Johnson, Kenny Perry, Y.E. Yang, Jason Day, Retief Goosen, Sean O'Hair, Sergio Garcia, Edoardo Molinari, Darren Clarke, Mike Weir and Rory Sabbatini.
  9. An interesting side note is that a lot of people here in Augusta won't buy Ping products because of a controversy a few years ago when they shut down retailers for giving the military a 10% discount on PING products. http://chronicle.augusta.com/stories/2006/09/28/gol_98427.shtml PING did their best to correct the PR nightmare, but even 4 years later, people here are still bitter. It is just ironic that PING (and I believe they truly are) such a strong supporter of USA, but still have alienated a lot of customers here.
  10. FYI - this is supposedly from PING. I remember them having to have their metal woods made overseas over 5 years ago, but assembled in USA. http://reviews.ebay.com/Email-Response-Direct-from-Ping-Golf_W0QQugidZ10000000007639752 You asked: Are any of the components that make up a Ping golf club made in China? If so what are some examples? We replied: All clubs are designed by our engineers. However, the PING Jr. Moxie and Pal clubs are made in China to our specifications. The Tour wedges are also made in China to keep the cost down (this is because the grooves are actually machined in). The Driver, fairway and hybrid wood heads are also poured in China to our specs (we create the mold and give it to them to use). Our foundry in Phoenix is not set up to pour titanium (there are no plants left in the US that pour titanium). We then receive the heads here, inspect them and then assemble the clubs at our plant in Phoenix, AZ. The iron heads and putter heads are poured at our foundry in Phoenix (with the exception of the Rapture iron heads which are poured/made in China due to the titanium face). The Redwood putters are forged in China but we mill the heads here at our facility in Phoenix. As for the shafts, anything with the PING name is designed by our engineers to work for that product. However, we do not make our own shafts. We have True Temper build our steel shafts and Aldila, Grafalloy, Graphite Design and UST make the graphite shafts to our specs. All of these manufacturers build the shafts outside of the US with the exception of True Temper (still in the US). The shafts are tested in our quality control area to make sure they are within our standards before they go to the assembly area. Most of the assembly is done at our factory in Phoenix. However, we do have a plant in the UK, Germany, Canada and Japan. We will send finished clubs to these plants and they distribute them for us. The Japan and UK plants can actually receive components from us and they can assemble them at their facility.
  11. I just got an email saying my order for 2 sets shipped. I guess because I am an Amazon Prime member. Just kidding. My order was canx as well.
  12. I bought a set. Definitely a "typo" pricing error as that is the price for a single iron, not a set. Will be interesting to see if they honor it. I've looked for a pricing error disclaimer on tgw and amazon and haven't found one.
  13. Great drill. I have found I actually putt better (on the practice green) with my eyes closed. Makes no sense to me, but there is no question I hit the putt more solid and online when I have eyes closed. I don't have the guts to do it on the course, but I know there is something to learn from that drill. I suspect keeping my eyes closed does several things: (1) i don't look up (2) i don't watch my putter path (3) I have better rhythm with my putter speed through the ball b/c impact just happens (as opposed to be so focused on hitting). Anyone else have the same experience or thoughts?
  14. At the end of the day, go back and watch the highlights of tiger's amateur career. He putted great with a stock Ping Anser 2. Think about the putt on 17 at TPC Sawgrass in his first amateur win - or think about the long putts he made on Steve Scott in this 3rd US am. Is this case, without a doubt in my mind, it is the indian, not so much the arrow. Sure, the arrow must be solid, but there are a ton of solid putter available from many manufacturers. Scotty makes a great putter. But lets do the math on winners the last majors and their putters. 2010 British Open : Ping 2010 US Open : Odyssey 2010 Masters: Odyssey 2009 PGA: Odyssey 2009 British: Nike 2009 US Open: Nike 2009 Masters: Ping 2008 PGA: Odyssey 2008 British: Odyssey 2008 US Open: Titleist/Scotty 2008 Masters: Odyssey You don't have to play a Scotty to be a great player is my point.
  15. I developed most of www.golfbagcheck.com - unfortunately during development some changes happened (baby born, need i say more?) - and now I don't have the time to complete the project and run the site post-launch. It still needs some work to get finished, but for the most part the framework is there. Let me know if anyone in this forum is interested in taking over the site. I am flexible on the business relationship and believe it will be a useful/profitable site. PM me if interested.
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