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  1. Todd Read, Redcliff, Alberta, Canada, 180 rounds a year Facebook, and twitter Handicap: +0.4 and Swing Speed 95-100 Muira tournament blades and I also have Ping G irons- Ping 400 driver KING F9 SPEEDBACK ONE
  2. Slow play is not killing the game but does create many issues for the golfer and the golf course. For the golfers that are behind the group(s) that are playing slowly, it increases frustration and can and does impact the enjoyment of the game. For those that are members, other than complaining to the Pro shop, not much else can be done, but for the greens fee-paying golfers, it could result in them not coming back, which is lost future revenue and poor word of mouth if it becomes habitual. Golf courses need to do everything possible to ensure those spending money on a game that can take
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