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  1. Dean


    Cobra King F6/Matrix Ozik/60 gram

    83 mph


    I've been playing 3 years, started @ 53 years young ;-),  I take group lessons @ driving range regularly.  I have been considering buying this product.  I would truly appreciate being chosen as a tester.  Thank you for the opportunity.


  2. OMG! I would love to win this. I've been golfing for only 3 years but for some reason I was immediately attracted to CLEVELAND clubs. I use CLASSIC XL driver, 3 & 5 woods, and a MASHIE hybrid. I also have a set of clubs at my brothers Florida home, that includes a CLEVELAND BLACK driver and a 588 5 wood (and I love that 5w). I am so glad CLEVELAND is back!


    Dean Werner

    St. Louis MO

    No official handicap, but just recently started scoring in the 80s

    My DREAM BAG would include

    LAUNCHER driver, woods & hybrids, HB irons, CBX wedges and a HUNTINGTON BEACH putter (3,6 or 6c)

    THANKS for the opportunity.


  3. Hi,


    My name is Dean

    from the state of Missouri

    handicap is 23

    current irons are COBRA AMP MAX

    I would love to test the 1 length.


    I started playing about 2-1/2 years ago at age 52. My pro instructor (thru local community college) likes my game, I just find it difficult to get comfortable @ set up/address.  I've previously wondered if 1 length is something I should try.


    Thanks for the opportunity,



    314 368 7754

  4. Wow, this is awesome! I already use CLEVELAND Classic driver, 3 & 5 woods.


    Dean Werner, Missouri, no official handicap yet.


    My dream bag would consist of:


    Z 565 Driver (10.5 degree) graphite shaft

    Z F65 3 & 5 woods (15 and 19 degree) graphite

    Z H65 22 degree hybrid, graphite

    Z 565 5-9 irons, steel

    Z Star pure white balls

    Charcoal colored bag


    RTX 3 Black Satin wedges (?48,54,60 degree?) steel

    Huntington Beach 4 putter w/ WINNPRO X grip

    All in a regular flex,

    Of course this is all dependent upon what the pro fitters recommend.


    Thanks for the opportunity.


  5. I would love to test either of these bags, especially the C130.  I've been golfing about a year and a half, at public courses.  I walk the local par 3 on my day off during the mid week, ride the others on Sundays.  No handicap established yet.  I can sometimes break 90.  I currently have a TOMMY ARMOUR cart bag, CLEVELAND CLASSIC woods, COBRA AMP MAX irons, ODYSSEY ROSSI putter,  BRIDGESTONE E5 balls. I am a 53 year old mailman.


    THANK YOU for the opportunity,

    Dean Werner



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