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  1. Matt Craze/Southampton/UK current putter: Ping B60 Chosen model: Piper Armlock why: I like the lines. I tend to strike the ball more on the toe, feel like these lines will encourage me to use the center of club face
  2. - Matthew - Santiago, Chile - Ping S55 4-PW Stiff Shaft, mid-size grips - Your 7-iron distance -- 165
  3. 1. Matt, Ithaca, NY 2. 4.8 HDCP 3. Ping G25 9 Degree Stiff Mid-Oversize Ping grip 4. Ping G400 LST 9.5 LST Stiff Mid-Oversize Ping grip (if not don't worry I will put my size grip on!)
  4. Hi, I am your ideal candidate, I was soon to buy new Ping irons (loyal user since 15). I was gong to buy iBlade or used S55 to replace my S56 irons. However, a club fitter recently put the i200 in my hand and I liked the minimal look, it's a contender! Here are my current specs, I would really appreciate trying the i200 with my grips and shaft specs: S56 3-PW, stiff shaft KBS Tour, Ping Gold grip 1/32", Blue Dot Ithaca, New York. Handicap 4.6 As I commented in another post I would like to recommend to the community to try out Ping's online testing system on their website. Since 15 I have used black dot. I took measurements (you need someone to help you), and the system suggested I am blue dot. When I fitted clubs, I was amazed to find that it was true -- using an impact sticker on the base of hte club, the impact is in the middle of the base of hte club with blue dot, and further towards the toe with black dot. Try it out! Rather nerdy I know, but hey this is the place for it, right? (If you need to know my other clubs, doens't seem that relevant), but I've got a Seemore putter (the one Zach Johnson used to win the British Open), Ping Rapture 2 Iron, Ping G Driver, Ping i25 3 wood (15 degrees), I have to cheap Taylormade SDLR rescue club (19 degrees) that I use on more open courses with wider fairways and courses with lots of rough. I have 52/58 Gorge wedges, would be keen to upgrade to Glides and experiment with a 52/56/60 combination
  5. Matt Craze, New York, 11101 Handicap: 4.6 Strengths: traditionally good short-game player from teenage golf years, although has declined with time with less practice. Originally from the UK, I grew up playing bump-and-run on a links golf course. Weakness: I currently play Ping Gorge wedges -- I decided to switch to a 2-wedge system -- 52 and 58 degrees. However, I would like to experiment with 52, 56, and 60, which offer a little more flexibility on tight tree lined courses and small green complexes so typical of NY state. I also discovered through taking the Ping measurement system that I should be a blue dot player, whereas I have always played black dot. I plan to transition to blue dot irons once I find the budget for it! But this would be great moment to experiment with blue dot system. I would also like to experiment with the ES (eye sole) bounce. I also use Ping Gold 1/32" oversize grips on all my clubs. Desired test: Blue dot, ES, Gold grip 1/32" (52, 56, 60) Current clubs: Ping G Driver, 9 degree loft, stiff shaft Ping i25 3 Wood, 15*, stiff shaft Ping Rapture driving iron, black dot, stiff shaft Ping S56 3-PW black dot Ping Gorge wedges, wedge flex, 52" 58" Seemore FGP putter (I also have a Ping 65 Cadence, I go between the 2 but want to put a thick grip on the B65 to have an apples-to-apples comparison)
  6. Hi, I play off 5.5, and play about 50 rounds of golf a year. I've just switched to a Seemore FGP putter, used by Zach Johnson to win the British Open, from a Ping B65 Cadence. Just shot 73 on my local course, a personal best, and the putts were really rolling in. But I'm definitely up for trying stuff.
  7. Matt Craze Handicap 5.6 Ithaca NY (All stiff shaft) Ping i25 Driver 9.5 (orange oversized ping grip) Ping i25 3 Wood 15 (orange oversized ping grip) Ping rapture driving iron (alternate with TaylorMade jet speed hybrid 19 degrees) Ping S56 3-PW (3,4 orange oversize, rest yellow-midsize) Ping wedges 52,58 Ping B56 Putter
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