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  1. Jason Nagel - Latham, NY Currently my practice time is suffering as I have 2 young children. Would normally practice putting 3X a week for 30 minutes ... now down to 1X 30 minutes. This is why I'm looking seriously at this sim...it would give me the flexibility to practice in the middle of the night and get reps in. My rounds are so spread apart in performance that an average wouldn't make sense (I joked with my pro that my GHIN graph looks like an EKG). I'm probably 3 putting 40% of the time 20 feet and greater ... not good. As my friends would say, I have a putter problem. Always looking for the next best thing, whether it's a new grip/new putter/practice aid/new grip/stroke. With equipment I'm always looking for better performance but, alas, I usually wind up ruining what I have...i.e. I bagged the Evnroll ER2 in 2018 and was rolling it well (thanks Most Wanted!) but then the Gravity Grip came out - I put it on and it didn't work out for me. Never got back to the same feel or confidence... sooo 2 years and 3 putters later here I am. If you were to look at my Kindle library, you would find 4 books on putting and putters (Stan Utley, Dave Stockton to name 2 authors). I have (or have had) pretty much every decent golf gadget made and am looking forward to find out how the Exputt stacks up. If the Exputt lives up to it's claims, it will be the cornerstone of my my practice and additionally, an objective measure of any putting tweaks that I make going forward. Loft change, lie change, length change? Face balanced vs. toe flow. High MOI vs blade ... This will be exciting to see the impact on roll!!! I have been using the Blast Golf device for putting, which is great for tempo and face angle, but doesn't do much else for me on a mat indoors (I would also compare the measurements head to head against the Exputt to identify any discrepancies). At the end of the day, I would be looking to round out my at home practice setup. For the full swing, I have the SkyTrak, Zepp2, and LiveView golf. For putting I have Blast Golf and the Varispeed putting matt. In the past I've tried the Ping iPhone app and attachment (altered the feel of the putter far too much with the added weight) and the Puttist (good measurement of distance but very sterile from a user experience standpoint - just a digital readout). I point this out as given my experience with golf technology, I would be able to give an assessment of the Exputt with expectations that are realistic and feedback that is meaningful. In any event, looking forward to the review as if this is as good as they claim, it will be finding it's way into my living room.
  2. 1.) Jason, NY 2.) 7, 105 SS 3.) Callaway Epic 4.) Epic Flash Sub Zero
  3. Jason Albany, New York Current Driver: Callaway Big Bertha Shaft: Fubuki Zeta Tour Graphite, Stiff Swing Speed: 110 Average Carry: 250
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