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  1. Patrick, Maryland 15.4 Big Bertha Fusion, 10.5 (set to +1, draw), and Fubuki ZT 60g shaft (stiff) 95-100, carry 220-230 normally Phil, of course (I'm a lefty)
  2. Name: Patrick Hometown: Germantown, MD Strengths: Ability to grip down to alter shot length, good swing plane Weaknesses: Trouble hitting low on shots/low bounce, tendency to flip at shots and not involve lower body enough, backswing gets too far behind body Set: 50* SS, 54* ES, 58* ES (all Left Hand) Color code: blue Shaft: XP95 Flex: R300 Length: standard Grip: Dyla-wedge Grip color code: Aqua Thanks so much for the opportunity! This is going to help someone out big-time!
  3. Patrick Germantown, MD 14.5 handicap The closest thing I'm using currently is Golfshot GPS, but that probably doesn't count. Thanks!!
  4. Patrick Maryland Currently using a Bushnell Tour V3 Slope. It would be awesome to draw a comparison to the V4 of the same variety to see how far they've come. Thanks!
  5. This contest looks really interesting. Good luck to all! 1. Maryland 2. 14.6 3. Scotty Del Mar (LH) 35"
  6. 125-130 rounds per year 16.1 handicap Currently gaming the Scotty Del Mar in honeydip Thanks!!
  7. First off, this is an awesome contest. Thanks to all for putting it together - Patrick (Lefty) Maryland 14.1 Dream set would of course be whatever the fitters deem best, but what speaks to me is: Driver: Z545, 10.5, stiff flex Fairway: ZF65, 3 15*, 5 19*, stiff flex Hybrid: ZH65, 22*, stiff flex Irons: Z765, 5-PW, +3* upright, +.5" long, Modus 3 Tour 120 S shaft (I know the 965 isn't available in lefty, or else I'd pick that one!) Wedges: RTX-3 Black Satin, 50.0* V-MG, 54.0* V-LG, 58.0* V-FG, steel (again, if it was available in lefty, I'd be all over the Tour Raw) Putter: Huntington Beach 1, left-hand, standard lie, +1 weak loft, Winn Pro X 1.32 Black grip Thanks again!!!
  8. Patrick, MD 13.2 Currently using a Bushnell Tour V3 slope, and GolfShot GPS on the phone Thanks!!
  9. Currently using the Scotty Cameron Pistolero grip on my Del Mar. Thanks!!
  10. Hi all! Patrick, Maryland (lefty) 14 handicap Would love to test the 20 and 22 degree Thanks -
  11. Patrick Germantown, MD 15.2 (and rising...) Thanks for the contest! Clubs look great -
  12. Patrick, Maryland (lefty) Handicap: 14 I think this can help, because my swing path often leaves the inside of the club face presented to the ball, and often low on the face. This is partly due to a breakdown in the lead arm, I flip and have trouble extending and compressing. Great contest guys!!
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