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  1. Craig T Phoenix, AZ, US Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Would like to try the Tyne 3
  2. Craig, Arizona ~18 handicap Currently play Ping i3 Blades, reg steel 140ish Would love to move to a graphite shaft if that would be an option Thanks
  3. Craig Arizona Handicap ~18 Currently play Ping eye 3 blades, red dot, reg flex steel My 7-iron carry is around 140 Would love to try a set to improve my game
  4. Craig Arizona Reg-steel shafts, Ping I3 blades, red dot 18 I would love to try the i210 irons
  5. Craig Arizona Not sure on handicap but I would guess 15-20 Currently play Ping i3 Blades, red dot
  6. Craig I live in Arizona My handicap is around 20 I think I base my distances off of the markings on the course, so eyeball. This would make it a lot easier. Thanks for the chance.
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