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  1. I've done ball markers from copper blanks and will continue to tinker with those.


    I also started doing ball mark repair tools in aluminum, brass and copper. Took some testing but I've got my design down now that incorporates a bottle opener in to them. I've been trying to figure out an easier way to polish them so I'm making a DIY rock tumber out of an old corded drill and the rods with rubber grippers out of an old printer.


    I also mad a bottle opener out of an old wedge, buddy saw it and gave me a bunch of old wedges so I guess I'll be making a few more of those as well.



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  2. Upright will make it draw biased, flat will make it fade biased, increase in loft closes the head and decrease in loft opens the head. These are the general theories behind the settings. I play both my 917 D3 and F2 in the D1 setting to get an open look to my eye. Hope this helps.



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