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  1. Ethan Lexington, South Carolina Current Handicap: 5.8 Longest Iron I'm comfortable hitting: 4 Iron
  2. Ethan Kitts Lexington, SC, 29072 6.4 Handicap Currently Playing ProV1 Play 18 holes twice per week and nine holes almost every day. Looking for a golf ball that will give me distance with proper short game control. This might be perfect.
  3. Ethan South Carolina 95mph Currently playing a Regular Flex Shaft In a Titleist 915 D2 Play Mizuno Irons and Wedges, would like to test these so I could quite possibly switch to Mizuno woods!
  4. Ethan-South Carolina Titleist 915 D2 with a prolite Regilar Flex Shaft 92mph swing speed with 220 avg carry
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