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  1. Ed, San Fran, CA 0.2 HCP SM7 (58) and Wishon PCF Micro (50&54) 50-54-58 would be ideal, 60 instead of 58 too :)
  2. 1. Ed, Cape Town - South Africa ​2. Edel Brick 3. Partly (not the full Edel fitting as we dont have that here, loft and lies done by Golf Science) 4. Queen B 9
  3. - Ed. Cape Town, South Africa. YES I know its not the US but I'll pay for shipping!! Or they could arrange with my fitter here who is the KBS agent in SA - Callaway Apex Pro 18* - Matrix Ozik HM4 Black 85x - Shaft yes - Its my go to club, I can easily hit it out there 260yards if needed off the tee, or a nice little soft cut 230yards, Play the KBS Tour 130x's in my irons so would love to try this out, hopefully the 95g as I need a bit more weight than the Matrix shaft offers me
  4. 1. Cape Town, South Africa 2. Edel Brick with Forward Golf oversize grip 3. Putting inside 8 feet - alignment is generally the issue rather than my actual stroke
  5. About 50 Rounds a year I play off an 8 Current putter is a Edel The Brick, 33.5inch, heavy weight with a flatso 1.0
  6. Ed - Cape Town, South Africa Currently gaming a Odyssey Versa 1 Tank Would love to test a MLA Tour Classic, 34" Common miss is right
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