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  1. My vote is for Javs, he’s overdue for a 7 or 8 better than handicap, he hasn’t had one for a couple of weeks. Of course RoverRick could have yet another similar score. These guys scores this year have been truly astounding. Don’t know how they can do it.
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, enjoyed a very good meal and really good wine with my family.
  3. Finally starting to play some better golf after several months of reasonably ordinary golf. Joined a new club in September after 20 years at my previous one, and haven't been playing much due to work and travel. The course is shorter, but narrower and the greens are much smaller. Shot 7 over to play to my handicap 2 rounds ago, and backed it up with a 4 over playing off 7 on Saturday. Managed to win the A grade comp and also won a "board" event that was played over the 2 rounds. Took me 13 years to win my first board event at the old club, less than 2 months here! The fact that I didn't know about until afterwards probably helped me avoid choking. I can practice off grass hitting my own balls now, and I'm pretty sure that's been good for me.
  4. A friend of my wife is there live. Has no interest in golf which is astounding
  5. The accomodation and dining at Barnbougle are excellent and very reasonably priced. Depending on when you’re coming, 7 Mile (just outside Hobart) may be open. Getting to Tasmania you’ll need to go via Melbourne or Sydney, lots to do in Melbourne and surrounds for non golfers. Both the peninsula’s south and south west of Melbourne have great golf and lots of wineries. Tasmania is amazing, great golf, great food and wine, interesting historical stuff and incredible nature. I had 2 weeks there earlier this year and can’t wait to go back. Agree with @Blueberry_Squishie that Cape Wickham is incredible, it’s a bit harder to get there but more flight options now. Not a lot else to do for your wife unless she surfs.
  6. @WaffleHouseTour are you a member of a private club? Might make it easier to get onto some of the Sandbelt clubs in Melbourne
  7. I’d strongly recommend putting Melbourne and surrounds as well as Tasmania on your must do list. Coincidentally I just put my top 10 courses up, and all are in these areas. Could easily add 10 more within 1 1/2 hours of Melbourne. Being a local I haven’t used a tour company except for a Tasmania trip that a mate organised. Our next trip to Tassie we’ll probably self organise. If you’re comfortable driving on the other side of the road, self driving opens up lots of options. Coincidentally there are lots of quality wineries near the premium courses around Melbourne and In Tasmania if you’re into wine. Golf is relatively cheap, even with international rates at some courses. Exchange rates help even more. From what I’ve seen, New Zealand is more expensive than Australia for top courses. My feeling is that there is a bit of a premium for the stunning views Snap
  8. Cape Wickham Royal Melbourne West Barnbougle Dunes Barnbougle Lost Farm Metropolitan Barwon Heads Ocean Dunes Bougle Run Commonwealth 13th Beach Beach Course All courses are in Australia, and in Victoria or Tasmania Bougle Run is a 14 hole short course and makes me think there should be more of these on the right land
  9. I’m really looking forward to hitting my own balls off grass. Having to pick them up adds focus
  10. The owners are heavily into hospitality and tourism.They own two wineries, a cider house, and 3 restaurants not including the one at the golf club. Our practice range has been converted into an entertainment style range. Unfortunately this focus has spilled through to the golf side of things.
  11. After 20 years as a member of my current club, I’ve decided not to renew my membership. It’s been a difficult decision but I have been increasingly frustrated with how things are run and this has had a negative impact in my enjoyment of the game. The club was bought out by a local business couple and the reduction in club feel has increased over the last few years. It feels like the focus is on occasional visitors to the hospitality side of the club rather than the members who spend money there every week. I’m moving to another local club that is member owned. The layout isn’t as good, but conditioning is excellent. One of my regular group is moving with me, and the other is moving to a club closer to his home. My new club is also $800 cheaper and I’ve got permission from the finance manager to spend that on golf as I like It’s a bit of a surreal feeling leaving somewhere that I’ve spent such a significant part of my life at, but I’m looking forward to reinvigorating my passion for the game and meeting new golfing mates.
  12. New stand bag. Cobra Ultralite. Had to use some pro shop credit. $70 out of pocket. Really happy with the colour. Won’t be getting a lot of use, mainly on holidays to fit in the car more easily.
  13. Another up and down round. 9 over playing off 7, which seems to be what I do now. 2 over after 3 then played the next 6 holes in 1 under. Should have have been 1 less after flushing a 7 iron to 2 feet on the 8th hole. I missed the putt whilst thinking about finally winning the “golden shot” Thankfully I did and it was worth $164 which eased the pain of missing the putt somewhat. Another flushed 7 iron cost me after a wrong yardage meant I flew the green. Putted well, short game was pretty solid. Finished the round by lipping out bunker shot. Probably my best shot of the day, ball was plugged in the face. Popped up beautifully and looked in until the last 6 inches. Tap in for par wasn’t what I was expecting as I walked in to the bunker.
  14. Peaksy68


    Home alone and had a single duck breast so I thought I’d cook myself something nice. Reverse seared the duck, probably took it a little further than I prefer. Served with duck fat potatoes, buttered beetroot, shitaake mushrooms and sugar snap peas. Sauce is a duck jus made from reduced homemade duck stock with a splash of orange juice and a touch of hoisin sauce.
  15. Peaksy68


    One of life’s simple pleasures right there
  16. You may be a peacock, but I’m really a Peacock, both name and nature
  17. I was going to go all Bill Lawry but I didn’t think most of the crew here would understand
  18. Welcome, great to see another Aussie on board.
  19. Broke out a long cellared wine to celebrate my youngest’s 21st birthday. Still drinking beautifully which was a big relief after waiting this long.
  20. Decided against going out today, I’m not sure why
  21. I went for a fitting today trying to find a 5 wood to replace my Cobra F8. I've been hitting the odd massive pull hook with it lately and have lost confidence with it. I went to my local Drummond Golf store, which is the biggest chain of golf stores in Australia. The fitting was indoors of a mat, hitting the same ball I play on course (Srixon Z Star XV)I was asked to bring my current 5 wood as well as my 3 wood (Cobra F8) and 7 wood (Titleist TS) Data was from a GC Quad system I hit several balls with the Cobra 5 wood before he took some data. After 10 or so swings he changed the settings to a 10mph headwind and had me hit a few more. I then hit the Titleist TS2 5 wood, working through Tensei Blue, Hazrdus Black, Tensei Black shafts. Then I hit the Ping 435 5 wood. This was quickly dropped as my ball strike pattern was poor with it. I then hit my current 3 and 7 woods, and after that the fitter adjusted the lofts down on all of my fairways and I hit them again. Ball flight was slightly straighter across the board, with very consistent distances and a consistent small fade. The most impressive thing of the fitting process (especially one in a store) was when his recommendation was to keep my current clubs and save myself a minimum of $500, and probably $1500 as I would have probably gone for 3 new fairways if the were an improvement. The data did confirm my thoughts on my swing, a bit too much out to in and clubface a bit open. A couple of little tips around focus through the line helped my path immediately. I can't imagine many in store fittings going the same but I was really impressed that there was more pressure not to buy than to buy.
  22. I might have to borrow my wife’s irons. Not many aren’t hybrids. Not sure if I’ll get a round in, don’t want to do this in my regular Saturday competition round as I had to work last Saturday. Maybe I can sneak out Sunday, weather and wife permitting
  23. I voted team 1. @chisag will score ridiculously well with monotonous regularity, which will just get them over the line. He’ll also go within 6 inches of a hole in one 3 times during the challenge, while at least two other’s manage a hole in one. Therefore the victory will be somewhat bittersweet
  24. Nice looking setup I can’t help but think of Spinal Tap when I see the irons go all the way to 11
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