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  1. Vaccine is free for 60+ here, not sure of the cost for under 60.
  2. That’s what I thought, although I think @sirchunksalot is a fair bit younger than me. Can’t get anti virals until the rash breaks out, doctor expects that to be in the next couple of days. Supposed to reduce the length and severity of it
  3. Shingles are not a lot of fun
  4. Locked down so no golf. Decided to do my usual putting drill with my PuttOut system. Took five try’s to roll 3 through the gate at 3’ after just clipping the left side on the first 2. Put my first from 3’ into the micro target, then my first from 4’. Lipped out 5 in a row from 5’, then decided to stop while I had things where I wanted. Hopefully be back on course Wednesday.
  5. Great that these issues have been fixed. Hopefully the whole change process will be reviewed thoroughly and any significant future changes will be communicated clearly and early and that changes will be rigorously tested prior to roll out. Also hope the tab title can be changed quickly to reflect what is actually under it. It’s still counterintuitive (and more than a little bewildering) to have no mention of the current reviews under the Official Reviews tab Thanks for all the communication @GolfSpy_APH, seems a bit rough that the last guy on has to be the only one publicly communicating with the wider forum.
  6. Hope you’re not having to do it all yourself
  7. Any updates on the photo glitch and the glitch that takes you back to the review when you try to click on the last page of the comment section? It took almost as long to scroll through the pictures multiple times as to read the reviews. As an extra reason to remove the extra pics, I imagine the OEMs that are providing equipment wouldn’t love to see pics of competitors equipment that aren’t even part of the review being front and centre (see Fujikara/ Evnroll) header for an example of this. I went in only because @MaxEntropy tweeted that his review had started. Perhaps encouraging those reviewers who are on Twitter to tweet about their review, might also be able to link it to help more casual readers who follow MyGolfSpy on Twitter.
  8. Congrats testers, really hoping at least one of you is already using an Evnroll, the direct comparison of results between the shaft would be great to read about.
  9. I'm ineligible to win, so I'll pick people I want to win. If I was eligible I would have been picking DeChambeau and Reed to ruin their chances
  10. I'd like to thank @GolfSpy_APH for putting this thread up. He only came on to the moderator team after the changes were made, and seems to be carrying the load. Absolutely agree about how unintuitive it is. Over the last 10 years I've had to choose around $3 million of X-ray equipment, the choices have nearly always come down to how intuitive the interfaces are. If smart engaged people can't find things, how can you expect anyone else to? It's disappointing that most of the issues that have been raised here have been raised with the mod team earlier but things have remained as they are until now. Perhaps some input here from @GolfSpy_THV or @GolfSpy_X would be good. If the forum understands the reasons for the change it would go a long way to getting everyone going in the same direction.
  11. I agree, if the new reviews were listed under Official Reviews, casual readers as well as regulars would be able to find them more easily. The title could be a link that takes you through to the new review section, doesn’t seem to hard Snap!
  12. I just had the same problem, perhaps message @GolfSpy_APH or post something in the suggestion box
  13. @Blueberry_Squishie, have you deliberately tried to reinforce that you’re in Australia by posting the photos upside down?
  14. Great to see some communication about the changes, it really is a pity that this didn’t happen at the start. Hopefully now people will be able to find reviews more easily and the reviewers efforts will be worthwhile. Also hope the photos in the intro issue can be sorted out quickly, as you have to scroll through them all to see the Review and Comment tabs, which could prevent traffic on the reviews, especially as more reviews are posted
  15. So very sad, a truly awful disease that afflicts so many people. Look after yourself and those close to you. I would like to echo your thoughts on trying to help those suffering into early treatment. Ask if you think someone isn't ok, and try to direct them to a professional for help if you can.
  16. A bit of a return to form after a few less than stellar rounds. Playing off 10 as a result of my recent struggles, 8 over 79, with 3 doubles and 3 birdies. My good was extremely good, my bad was extremely bad. Greens were very fast and most pins were in borderline unreasonable positions, several putts that rolled past at holing speed finished 10 feet from the hole. Drove it solid, irons (apart from 3 atrocious swings) were about as good as I can do, chipped it ok, putted either very well or poorly. Highlights were an 8 iron to 3 feet from 136 yards and holing a 40 foot putt that broke 6 feet for a par after 2 very ordinary shots on a par 3.
  17. Got a call from “The Peaklette” at work this afternoon wondering if I wanted to hit some balls at the range. Of course I said yes. She’s going to be playing on a trip with some University friends this week but hasn’t touched the clubs for 6 months. Of course she was flushing it, made me think about my swing. F7396DFD-A369-4FA7-8C1F-B699A1FDA5BB.MOV
  18. Worked out how to edit. Need to get used to checking the shot registered and making the pin collect more automatic. Hope I’ll get quicker at editing and have less errors to correct once I get used to wearing it.
  19. Used mine for the first time on Saturday, it missed a few shots, and several holes are out of date. I've emailed support, hopefully they can update it. I need to work out how to edit and have a play.
  20. Really intriguing. Might be tough to work out whether it’s the shaft or the head. The comparison with the standard Evnroll reviews will be interesting
  21. Not getting the duplicate images now, getting none, just blank frames. At least I don’t have to look at @MattF’s ankles Doesn’t seem like things are going to plan
  22. Just opened another thread, then saw this one. Feel free to merge if you think it's best. I would love to get some official feedback on this.
  23. Reading reviews since the change on an iPad is really annoying, on a phone will be a nightmare. Hoping I'll get some response from the mod team.
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