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  1. Really interested in how these shafts perform. I struggle with long irons, and have never liked a stock shaft in any hybrid I've played. My favourite shaft of all time is the Grafalloy Epic, which was a combined material shaft too, but opposite layering to this one, thin metal layer over graphite. Hope you guys get to get out and see how they perform for you.
  2. Really sad to hear of your loss Rob. Keep the happy memories you have of your Mom close, and bring them out whenever you need them.
  3. My course is closed as of today, the owners have suspended fees until it reopens, which is a pleasant surprise.
  4. We went out for dinner to Ches Peaksy. Oldest daughter did pre dinner cocktails and smoked salmon with cream cheese. I did cauliflower soup with a Semillon Sauvignon Blanc blend. Main was fresh pasta with a Tomato and Pancetta sauce prepared by my youngest, paired with a Lange Nebbiolo. Desert was supposed to be a Lemon Meringue Pie prepared by my wife, but we wee all too full. Looking forward to dessert tomorrow. Making the most of a tough situation is a bit easier when you've got a small cellar of good wine and people you love to share it with.
  5. What an amazing opportunity, I think this one may be over subscribed. Despite this not being available where I live, I fully intend to apply in the Chatbox Good luck to @Golfspy_CG2 and team sorting through the applications, lots of new guys and some great regular contributors to the forum.
  6. Yeah, it's pretty scary. I for one am not in it for the money, and knowing the people I work with, it's pretty much across the board. I've seen a lot of awful stuff over the years, but this is something totally different. One positive here in Aus, our PPE supplies are good and readily accessible. The known but still unknown is difficult to deal with. Most of what we confront on a daily basis is at least obvious, so easier to rationalise, despite how awful or horrific it may be. Hopefully everyone can get on board and suck up some hardship so we can all defeat this thing. We all have a role to play, even if it's staying at home and managing our relationships with our family.
  7. Amazing stuff from the UK. As a public health worker, this is making me feel pretty good, even though it's happening on the other side of the world. We're all in this together, especially those at the front line.
  8. I succumbed, and failed miserably. Managed 1/2 a push up, with one less than motivating assistant. I chose my lighter and taller daughter to spread the load, didn't help, I was still less than pathetic. Apologies for the crappy pic, my wife decided to video it, no way I was uploading the whole sad thing or doing a take two. I might need to self isolate for a couple of weeks to recover.
  9. I'm not especially not with my youngest child on my back, this pandemic is about 30 years behind my (very low) peak push up time
  10. A separate point, remember to interact with your family and friends in other ways. Phone calls, skype, whatever it is other than face to face contact. We all need to maintain our mental health during this time. Tolerance is not one of my strengths, but I know I'll get a good chance to work on it.
  11. Here in Australia I think we are about to go to more stringent lockdown. Our state Premier's (Governor equivalent) from both sides of the political divide are showing great leadership across the board, and have really been driving the necessary changes. Our federal government have perhaps been a little slow to respond, but hopefully things will progress more quickly on management of the crisis than the disease progresses. Consistency of messaging is so important in getting a good response. I'm a public health worker, so will still be working throughout this crisis. I just hope people can listen to and follow the directions to shutdown normal life so we can stop transmission. A lockdown will have the added effect of reducing road trauma and the concurrent pressure that puts on the health system. Hopefully we don't get too many home handymen falling of ladders as they do all the odd jobs around the house. A few weeks or months of hardship is much preferred to a complete implosion and collapse of health systems and perhaps society. Stay safe, indoors as much as possible, keep your distance and wash your hands.
  12. We've just got an update. Normal club events can continue, all district events are cancelled. Looking for positives, I can say that I finished the pennant season undefeated. Our guidelines are as follows AROUND THE COURSE Local Rule change: putting must be done with the flagstick in. No bunker rakes. We ask that you smooth over with your foot or club. The electronic card reading facilities in the clubhouse breezeway have been turned off. Please book your tee time via your mobile device, home computer or over the phone via the Pro Shop. As a result, all score cards must be collected from the Pro Shop. Players are asked to mark their own card, record the score of your playing partner, and have the card signed by your marker and yourself. At the conclusion of your round, please place your scorecard in the tray in the breezeway. Staff will process them using appropriate personal protective equipment. Cart Usage: Carts can no longer be shared. One person per cart only. As cart numbers are limited and each cart is required to be cleaned after use we encourage only those who require them to request carts. Shotgun events will be cancelled or modified. Guest days will be postponed. One tee starts will be implemented where possible. Nearest the Pins will not be awarded & no markers will be on course. The drinks cart will continue to operate with increased hygiene measures. Seats have been removed from the clubhouse to ensure separation, but I think numbers going in after a round will be greatly reduced. Looks like I'll get some practice on short putts with the flag in
  13. Works fine on the desktop, FAQ has its own listing,but displays differently on my (admittedly ancient) iPad. Using Safari. The actual FAQs should be very helpful for new members, and hopefully save everyone (particularly mods) some time and hassle.
  14. The facility I'm at is being set up as a primary testing location. Patients are being told to wait in their car until rung to come in a separate entrance after hand hygiene and mask. Verbal ID checks, mask lowered, swap taken and out the door. This is a well separated area and should work well. The next stage is a drive through testing service, which our service access road is almost perfect for. Hopefully we don't get to that stage, but we are preparing for it. Our workflows and precautions are constantly being updated as we get more accurate information. Luckily most imaging required for patients is very quick, and if they are wearing a mask (all suspected cases are) cleaning is contact points only. Maintaining a service for the normal case load whilst ensuring safety of staff and public is the real challenge. Some of our standard practice, such as mobile X-ray in ED cubicles is being modified. A tiny amount of scatter radiation to adjacent cubicles is less of a risk to staff and public than transporting patients to the X-Ray room for their imaging. Appropriate and safe cleaning protocols also help to ensure access to our CT scanners for trauma and stroke imaging, which are obviously highly time critical. The entire health network I work at had an IT hacking incident that shut down our IT systems last year. The resilience and problem solving skills developed through that is helping with our management of the current situation. Closing of golf courses seems a little strange to me, especially private clubs where it isn't necessary to have close contact with staff. As long as people keep some space from each other and follow good hygiene practice golf and getting outside would probably be beneficial. Hope everyone keeps safe. A bit of paranoia is a good thing, panic isn't.
  15. By the time they filter out ones that quote the first post, and all those with 5 or less posts, it will be less than 50 to choose from.
  16. I'm only interested in applying if I can do it on the comment section of the blog article Seriously, a great opportunity for some spies to review. Not for me as the G700 weren't a great option for me.
  17. Glad you enjoyed my home course. The front 9 is particularly good. The greens were very quick Saturday, so I imagine they were rolling fast yesterday.
  18. Welcome from a fellow Victorian. We really are blessed with a great range of quality, affordable golf. Join in and you'll get a lot out of the forum.
  19. Played my first pennant match for my clubs 1st team. I played a couple of matches 2 years ago in our 2nd team. Pennant is scratch matchplay between clubs. Each division is 7 clubs, with teams of 7 competing. I didn't capatalise on good tee shots early, missed a chance to be 3 up after 3, to only be 1 up. The course we were playing at is a quirky layout, with severely sloping, small quick greens. The fairways were much longer than what I am used to and I was consistently short after the ball was coming of high on the club face. Turned all square after scrounging a bogey from the hazard and my opponent missed his only putt of the day. On the back 9 we only halved on hole. I won 3 in a row from 12, then my opponent won 2. I holed a good birdie putt on 17 to go to the last 1 up. A lack of knowledge of the course cost me on the last. My opponent went into the front left bunker, I decided to avoid that and went for the "safe" miss right. I was confronted with a chip over a bunker off a poor lie to a cliff like downslope. I put it to about 15 feet, my opponent couldn't believe I got it on the green. He proceeded to play his bunker shot to 3 inches (a great shot) leaving me 15 feet with 8 feet of break to win the match. Unfortunately my putt slid by the hole about 2 inches under. Happy to get 1/2 a point in my first outing in the top team. Pretty pleased with my back 9, need to make sure I play well from the start next week. The rest of our matches in this division are at seriously good courses, hope I can maintain my form and hold my place in the team.
  20. I can vouch for the Hogan Edge Pro's. I still have them in my holiday bag, couldn't bear to part with them. The Apex 4 shafts are a great fit for me. Hopefully you can find some at a good price. They are such a soft forging you will be able to get lie angles easily adjusted to suit if needed.
  21. My back up back lives at my in-laws holiday apartment. I'll be taking a few recently replaced clubs next time I go to fill out the bag. Driver - Nickent 4DX with Grafalloy Epic 3 and 5 Woods - TM Burner 08 with Grafalloy Epic 4 Hybrid - TM Rescue 09 with Grafalloy Epic 5-E (couldn't resist) Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro with Hogan Apex 4 50,54,58 Wedges - Cleveland CG15 Black Pearl Wedges Putter - Ram Zebra Sun Mountain Sync Bag The top end of the bag will be "new" for my back up bag, and are all clubs that I know I can use, unlike most of the clubs that they are replacing.
  22. I was in the same boat when I was looking for new irons. At my fitting I hit both ok, pro handed me the MMC. One hit and I was in love. Like @chisag said, they are forgiving, but still feel great. I couldn't be happier with mine.
  23. Update, birdie on 8, and eagle on 18, I'll tick the box when I get on a PC. Claiming the eagle on the birdie list
  24. 5 wood from 176 into 20mph wind. Holed it out for an eagle, very pleasant surprise when I couldn't see my ball on the green.
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