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  1. Atrociously. First round for a few weeks after being unwell. Found some video of my swing from yesterday, pretty much sums up my day. Nearly missed the ball several times, probably the round I needed to have
  2. I was going to tag you in on this, but I see you've already seen it
  3. Spent some time rolling some putts on my PuttOut mat followed by a few swings with my 7 iron into my net. Easing back into things after a couple of weeks of being sick. Hoping to get back on course this weekend.
  4. Pretty simple, get fit and get what works best with your swing. Not so simple part, don’t try to make dramatic swing changes once you get your new set.
  5. Third round of pennant, missed round 2 as I was away, but scraped back into the team when someone pulled out. Playing at Winchelsea Golf Club, a very rough 9 hole course with patchy fairways and bermuda greens that are extremely grainy. It's a course I only play if I have to. My opponent was a 12 year old, which probably got in my head a little. Drove the ball appallingly, didn't hit a fairway on the front 9. Also missed a couple of short putts that I would rarely miss. Turned 2 down and really had to improve. Really didn't want to lose to a little kid. Played much more solidly, won 4 of the next 7 and didn't really look like losing a hole until the 17th, but a very good lob wedge from 20 yards from a tight lie left me a 2 foot putt to close out the match 2 and 1. Relieved to get away with the win. The team needed it, as we scraped through 4 to 3. Team is undefeated after 3 rounds. Also relieved that I won't have to play there again for at least another year
  6. Got a late call up into my club’s second pennant team. Teams of 7 play scratch matchplay. I always hope my form is good enough to get picked because I love both matchplay and the team environment. Thought I was in for a bad day when my opponent bounced his second shot off a tree onto the green to about 20 feet. I’d run through the back and had a tricky downhill chip. Thankfully he hit an awful first putt and I got away with a half. Really solid front 9 with 3 birdies, saw me 2 up at the turn. Losses on 11 and 12 took it back to square. Another birdie and a couple of solid pars had me 2 up with 3 to play. Awful tee shot into a penalty area left me one up with 2 to play. Halved 17 to take off some of the pressure, the worst I could do was square my match. Hit a good drive on the short uphill 18th, left a 25 yard pitch. Misread the break badly and left myself a 15 foot putt, but my opponent was about 8 foot from the hole after his 3rd which allowed me the luxury of 2 putts to win. My opponent missed his, to give me the result 2 up. Happy with my game, particularly as it was at a course I’ve struggled at in the past.
  7. Back at my home track. Conditions were a little different to last weekends golf trip. Instead of 5 irons stopping dead on landing, the greens were like concrete. Didn’t repair a pitch mark all day. Played off 7, my group’s aggregate handicap was 7, played with a +1, a 0 and a 1. The +1 is 15 years old and has come down from 8 over the last year or so. Young bloke who can really get it out there. The other 2 are great blokes who I’ve really enjoyed playing with in the past. Finished 8 over with a triple and a double. Ball striking wasn’t great but I putted extremely well apart from one timid 3 putt. According to Shotscope my average putt made length was 7 feet. Holed a from 30 feet, 25 feet and a couple from 15. Pretty happy with my score with the greens as hard as they were and how tough some of the pins were.
  8. Heard back from Shotscope straight away. Putter tags are different, and other tags can't be used in putters. They're sending me another putter tag. Extraordinary customer service, very impressed.
  9. I lost my putter tag when I got a new grip. Wanted to use the 4 iron tag in it but putter isn’t an option (all other club types are) Strange. Do putter tags have a different chip in them?
  10. Managed to avoid them, thankfully.
  11. My 12 year old machine came to the end recently. This is my new toy. Izzo Vivi PID Plus. Very happy with the coffee it produces from my home roasted beans.
  12. Just back from a 4 day golf trip. Played 4 different courses along the Murray River, which is the border between Victoria and New South Wales. This trip was organised on a local Aussie forum, as an attempt to get a few of us together after our annual event having to be cancelled due to Covid the last 2 years. The first day was an unofficial round, and not part of the main 3 day competition. Day 1. Struggled a bit after a 3 1/2 hour drive. Struggled to keep the ball in play on a very tight tree lined Tocumwal Golf Club’s Captains course. Rest of my game was okay, finished 13 over playing off 7. Day’s highlight was bumping into a couple of blokes from a club I was a member at 20 years ago. Day 2. Cobram Barooga West Course. 8.30 tee time after finishing well after midnight the night before. Did I mention I hadn’t caught up with these guys for 2 years. Nowhere near as rough as my mate who came for the trip, I was travelling well compared to his raging hangover. 9 over playing off 7, most of my game was reasonably solid, with a few poor shots from across the bag bringing me down a little. Finished the day in 2nd on a countback. Day 3. Black Bull at Yarrawonga. After a delay waiting for some lightning to move away, had a really enjoyable day on the course. Finished 8 over (including a triple) playing off 7. Really enjoyable course and the group I was with was sensational. Short game was on song. Chipped and putted well. A couple of sand saves from tricky positions helped my score My hungover mate enjoyed it even more, 2 under playing off 6. Needless to say it’s going to be a topic that comes up regularly from him. Headed into the final round one shot behind my mate in second place. Day 4. Cobram Barooga Old Course. 7.30 tee time, and this time I was the one suffering from over indulging the night before. This trip was definitely not just about the golf. Started well with a solid par, then was pretty ugly for a few holes. Started getting my equilibrium back and had a solid run through the middle. Walking off the 12th green with a 2 shot lead, I managed to squash a bee that was on my shorts when putting my ball in my pocket. My last bee sting lead to a trip to hospital, so I was more than a little concerned. Thankfully that wasn’t the case this time but I was little off for the last few holes, dropping 3 shots over the next 6 holes, all from being a bit wound up over the ball. Probably wouldn’t have made a difference to the result, as the guy starting the day in 3rd played great golf over the last 5, with a birdie and 2 pars while getting a shot on me over the last 3. I finished 10 over playing off 5. Driver and chipping/pitching were good, hit several putts that just slid past on the high side after consistently over-reading the break. Ended up finishing 2nd for the 3 day event. Came away with a pair of Under Armour shoes as the prize. They should go well with the Under Armour cap and duffle bag I picked up on day 2. I had a great weekend, golf was more than satisfying after the excessive socialising . Can’t wait for next event with the same crew in October.
  13. Hopefully I can keep climbing the leaderboard. It’s a long road back from a 0-34 start
  14. Unfortunately any advise on which shaft would be an educated guess at best, perhaps just a guess. Did you tell them of budget limit at your fitting? If you did I would be asking for another no charge session to try more than 3 shafts. Good luck
  15. I was more concerned with the 2 1/2 foot long copperhead in the dining room a few years ago. I thought about grabbing him after pinning him with a spade, then thought better of it.
  16. I put a glove on. Used to just grab them but one New Years Eve I’d had a few too many, was a bit clumsy and got bitten. Glove on ever since.
  17. The wife needed something removed from the garage. “I don’t think I’ll be able to go in there if you don’t get rid of it” Grabbed him and took him outside
  18. Didn’t play today (trying to keep myself in the good books before a golf trip next week) so I got in an hour of short game practice. Some chipping with 50 and 58 wedges. Focussed on crisp contact, happy with the results which hopefully will translate on course. Finished with some 50 yard pitches, really working on distance control.
  19. RIP Mark Lanegan. One of the great voices.
  20. Very solid round today. 4 over 75 playing off 8. 2 doubles, 3 each of birdies and pars. Ball striking was generally very good, doubles came after the only 2 really bad shots I hit. Short game was excellent, 27 putts and a chip in. Best score in a long time. Fairway woods were as good as I can remember, driver and irons solid. Proper alignment continues to really help.
  21. I’m happy to have these guys, probably the only chance I’ve got to not come dead last
  22. Glad you didn’t mention that I was the only one with a perfectly imperfect result Wednesday start and not understanding waivers didn’t help, only problem is now I don’t have any excuses
  23. First competition round for the year. Coming back after missing a couple of weeks due to back issues and family commitments. Slow start with 2 bogeys. Warmed up a bit after that. Finished with 8 over 79 despite a brain fade 3 putt to finish. Continuing to work on my alignment, amazing how much easier it is to swing the club properly when aiming properly instead of 15 yards right. Irons were as good as I can remember. A couple of 50 yard pitches to 2 feet were a massive improvement over recent form. Putting was indifferent on greens that were slower than normal after 2 inches of rain over the last 2 days. Course held up extremely well. My mate who I play with most weeks sent me a text telling me he’s never seen me hit irons that well, so something must be working. Need to get my putting back to normal and hopefully start scoring well.
  24. Stealing @GolfSpy MPR's thunder and thought I'd start a new thread for this year. Same as in the past, record your birdies (or pars/eagles) here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P9-C6rS1vIO44rYbPDqQgLlTxGxYQtsQHAs31t1j_sU/edit#gid=1292641992 My selfish motivation to start the thread was that I managed to have 3 birdies on my first 9 for the year at my course, 2 of which have proved difficult to achieve over the past 2 years.
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