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  1. I personally don't mind flying at all, but I really don't like flying with my wife. She has a long history of motion sickness, and not managing it very well. After several bouts of multiple vomiting (several hours worth) I've put her on notice. Either she takes every possible precaution or she gets no help. If it still happens after using all her options, I'll continue to be (to quote the flight attendant last time this happened) "the most wonderful husband " I think I did a marathon ditching full vomit bags and getting replacements on a flight back from Hawaii. I treat low cost carriers like a flying bus, no expectations other than to get me there.
  2. I was thinking about a groove forming the other day. Im not sure, but there could be a slight texture change happening. I might start putting from the other end of the mat for a while, then alternating.
  3. Absolutely for me. I thought my eyes were over the ball, they were about 3 inches outside. My practice routine now starts with about 10 putts using the mirror to check and regrain my setup I'm not sure if this setup issue is only since my injury hiatus, or if it's been a long term thing. I can see myself (did you like that) using the mirror long term for a quick checkup.
  4. Mirror update, it isn't magnetic, the removable guards are. The plastic frame feels a bit like it sticks to the putter head. Another very important thing to remember when trying to use the micro hole, if you don't push the insert out, there is no hole for the ball to rest in Trying to hit the "perfect" putt really does tighten my focus.
  5. My holing speed seems to be about 1 inch short of perfect. Nearly all my putts that don't stay in the micro hole roll back just past the 1 foot line. My ratio for perfect to in the hole is abysmal!
  6. I haven't used a mirror for years, and when I got mine I thought it was faulty. My eyes were so far past the ball they were almost off the mirror. I'm certain this was contributing to my left misses, especially on longer putts. The magnetic aspect of the mirror is more of a problem for me, it feels a bit like the putter sticks to the mirror. I will look into this more. I probably don't intend on using the mirror for extended session, more for quick check ups of my head position. Speed control on long putts will be interesting to monitor. Although the mat and pressure trainer wont directly have an influence, I wouldn't be surprised if more precise speed control on 6 foot putts transfers in some degree to longer putts. Initial drills with the gate have been fun, and should have a real impact on line. Although the Puttout system won't help with reading putts, I'm a believer in the old maxim of "every putt is a straight putt". Personally I'm probably a better than average reader of putts, perhaps due to having a bit of a creative side, and constantly adjusting to subtle angles in my work.
  7. Loudmouths are being held back for my return to real on course competition golf. I'm not likely to be too competitive, but I'll look good
  8. My stage 1 is up. I'm hoping to build a homemade stimpmeter to compare the mat to my club's practice green. My first impressions of the speed and roll of the mat are that is a little bit slower than my club's greens, but is very true, with no weird roll that I would sometimes get on my old crappy mat. The last line of my stage 1 is a hint to what I think was the cause of my left misses on my baseline data
  9. Thanks MyGolfSpy and putout for the opportunity to review the PuttOut system ABOUT ME This is a bit of a rehash from previous reviews, see my review off Ping G700 irons here https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/24863-2018-official-forum-member-review-ping-g700-irons/ and my MLA Tour Mallet Putter review https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/15892-official-forum-member-review-mla-putters/ I’m a 50 year old father of 2 wonderful (most of the time) teenage girls (17 & 19) My wife has been very supportive, if not encouraging of my golfing habits over the years. I live and play golf on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, about an hours drive southwest of Melbourne. The Bellarine is blessed with some great golf courses, including 4 rated in Australia’s top 100. My club is Curlewis Golf Club, where I play the majority of my golf. I live a few minutes from the course, and drive past every day on my way to work. https://curlewisgolf.com.au/pages/about-the-course I’ve been playing for nearly 30 years, 20 of those seriously. The vast majority of my golf is in formal competitions, which is normal for golf in Australia. Only competition rounds are allowed for handicapping, and every competition round is entered into the Golf Australia handicap site. On course, (and off) I love a bit of banter, and try to enjoy myself, while still trying to score the best I can. I spent the first half of my golf “career” just turning up and playing, never practicing at all. My oldest daughter started playing when she was about 6, and started attending weekly junior clinics with the club pro when she was about 10. While these were on, I filled in time with some practice, and my handicap dropped from 10-12 down to 6 in 4 months. Amazing to see what a bit of practice can do. I love the constant challenge that golf offers, and both the competitive and social aspect of the game. While I enjoy the occasional scramble or 4BBB, I love the fact that what I score on the course is usually entirely up to me, be it good or bad. I am currently in the process off returning to golf after suffering from a frozen shoulder. This required surgery and has basically prevented me playing this year. The last few months of play were a bit of a struggle as I couldn’t swing anywhere near how I usually do. Accordingly my handicap drifted out from around 5 to 7.6. MY GAME My game has been based mainly around a solid game off the tee, solid fairway woods and a competent chipping and putting game. Just prior to my shoulder issue becoming apparent, I updated my bag. At this stage I’ve managed to use my new irons for 4 rounds, driver twice and fairways and hybrids haven’t made it on to the course despite being purchased in January. As described in my MLA Putter review, my putter is likely to be in my bag for a long time. The biggest strength of my game is attitude. I never quit, and I’m more interested in the score I write down than how I did it. My course has very large, sloping greens, so being able to control speed is vital to scoring well, and the ability to hole breaking mid length putts really comes into play. I like to use a relatively “Straight Back, Straight Through” putting stroke I haven't been a big user of training aids, I have a cheap putting mat that has seen very little use, mainly due to it being flimsy, and very difficult to keep flat. Baseline Data Due to my lack of recent play, I decided to get some baseline data. I did this prior to my kit arriving. I used a similar approach to Most Wanted Putter data, 20 putts each from 5, 10 and 20 feet. Putts were broken in to groups of 5 from each distance, and the order was mixed around. I picked as straight a putt as possible at my clubs practice green. I used new Srixon Z Star (2017) to remove any variability from scuffed or damaged balls. Distance 1 Putt 2 Putt 3 Putt Miss Left Miss Right Short 5 feet 14 5 1 6 0 0 10 feet 9 10 1 9 2 0 20 feet 3 16 1 15 2 4 The short putts were also included in the left or right misses. The data points to something, more on that later. THE PUTTOUT SYSTEM The entire system consists of the mat, pressure trainer, mirror and gate. It all came solidly boxed up, with lots of bubble wrap. The mat has a carry bag, and the pressure traineKr has a separate bag that comfortably holds the pressure trainer, mirror and gate. The packaging also comes with several different drills which utilise different aspects of the system. Normally packaging isn’t something I’m going to comment on, unless it fails and results in damage, but the cardboard tube the mat came in is the most substantial piece of packaging I’ve seen. It probably has some possibilities in housing construction. Individual components PuttOut Mat The mat is thicker and heavier than other mats I’ve seen.It rolls out flat straight out of the packaging, and stays flat. This is a considerable improvement from a mat I’ve tried to use in the past. The tried part is primarily due to the fact that the mat would “scrunch” up at the slightest touch, especially when being used on a smooth surface. The mat has multiple sections, and different markings that can be used for a variety of drills. More detail will be provided in stage 2. Pressure Trainer A clever, fold out device that give feedback on whether a putt is holed, and how far past the hole it would have gone. It also has the added feature of a perfect putt feature which sees a perfect putt (both line and speed) resting in a hole in the ramp. It’s harder than you would think to get the ball to rest in the hole. Mirror The mirror is similar to most putting mirrors out there, with the added feature of moveable gates which are held in place magnetically. The mirror has markings spaced at one inch. Mine had a few minor scratches out of the box, but nothing that would interfere with its function. The guy looking back at me seems to be much uglier than me, so an upgrade to the enhancement feature might be required. Gate A very simple device which is only slightly wider than a ball. A putt from 2 feet which is more than 1 degree off line won’t pass cleanly through the gate I'm planning on working through the suggested drills regularly over the next few weeks and repeating my 5, 10 and 20 feet putting to see if there has been any improvement. The relatively compact size and fact the mat rolls out flat straight out of the packaging will make it easier to practice indoors, or in my shed if my wife gets sick of me putting inside. The variety of drills made possible by the various components should make it easier to stay motivated and encourage me to practice, which in our Australian winter, will be a change to most years. After some brief reflection, I expect things to improve.
  10. If you guys are seeing reduced scores, how much to you put down to the new equipment, and how much to improved knowledge of your game via Arcoss data?
  11. Slow build continues, hit about 40 balls today. Hit my driver for the first time in 6 months, it was ok. Very happy with my new 5 wood and 4 hybrid. 8 iron was very solid. Consistency was pretty good, little fades. Distance is still sadly lacking, but should get better with both time and timing. Alan didn't make an appearance, so that is a real positive Shoulder has been good after hitting balls so I'm feeling very positive about my planned return to real golf in early August.
  12. Did a bit of putting from set distances to get some baseline data prior to testing the PuttOut system. Then I hit about 20 7 irons outdoors for the first time in about 7 months. It went ok, probably about what I hoped for. After a seriously awful first swing (I know @Shankster has moved south, but I didn't know he'd come this far) things improved. The last few swings were solid and I was pleased with the ball flight. Wind was blowing 10-15 mph into and left to right so it was hard to know exactly how my swing was working. Fingers crossed I pull up ok tomorrow.
  13. Great news, thought I was going to have to send you a couple of old Nickents[emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Noooooo! Seriously hope they show up. Not exactly the most replaceable bag. Fingers crossed, keep us updated.
  15. On the slow road, planning on building things up gradually with the aim to playing first week of August. You must have read my mind, I'm planning on breaking out something special from the cellar after my first round back.
  16. Just back from seeing my surgeon, he doesn't think he needs to see me again. Given the all clear to ease back into both golf and full duties at work. Big smile on my face at the moment. Still got a lot of rehab ahead of me, but being basically pain free for the first time in 6 months is great.
  17. The Bag Boy Compact 3 looks pretty good, especially at the price (Rockbottom $130 with coupon) I had similar issues with carts for my daughter. Anything much lighter than the Bag Boy is probably fail with not much use. I handed down a low end Bag Boy that I used for a while to my daughter when she outgrew her junior carts. She then got my Big Max when I got a Clicgear. At 11, she's probably growing so quickly that she'll adjust to a bit extra weight easily, and a 3 wheel cart will be so much easier than a 2 wheel, even if its a bit heavy to start with. It also looks solid enough to give her a few years use at least. I'm a bit jealous, my golfing daughter has gone off to university, and I din't get to play with her (bloody shoulder!) prior to her leaving. Anything that makes it more enjoyable for them is money well spent in my opinion.
  18. Hit a few 7 irons, and christened the new (2nd hand) 5 wood. I think I'm going to be pretty happy with the Cobra F8 fairways. I definitely need to work on my core, as well as my shoulder. Posture is decidedly ugly, not far off a pretzel at the moment
  19. Very excited by this opportunity to test something that looks to be very promising. @Kanoito and I in the same test again is a bit like getting the band back together, are you still playing the MLA? Thanks MGS and Puttout, looking forward to it. Now to plan the format of my testing to make it as useful as I can for my fellow golfers.
  20. Grant, Victoria Australia 7.6 Used a Sklz putting arc trainer a few times. This opportunity ticks a few boxes for me, 1. I can physically do it, 2. I will be focussed on short game as my rehab continues, 3. It's available to Australia, 4. It looks like a useful and well thought out piece of equipment
  21. Not back yet, but getting closer
  22. Hit about 20 full(ish) swings with my 7 iron. Got permission from my PT to start swinging again. Pleased to say it wasn't totally awful, contact was probably a bit thin, and pulled a few, but club speed was about 80mph by the time I finished. Pretty happy after 6 months of not being able to swing a club, and hopefully I'll pull up well tomorrow.
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