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  1. My younger daughter who is in her final year of high school just got a negative COVIDSafe test back after having to quarantine within the house for the last week after a few cases at her school that were deemed close contact. She was going to be at home anyway, but I’m very happy for all of us at home and the guys I’ve been working with that she’s all clear
  2. The instructions don't make any mention of putters, are they allowed? Irons removed from the bag in anticipation. Contemplating employing a not a not too secret weapon, a couple of higher lofted hybrids looted from my daughters bag. Probably not in the spirit of the challenge, but I'm considering playing the role of Patrick Reed. I'll just leave that dangling for @B.Boston to think about. What lengths am I willing to go to?
  3. I decided against it after checking full specs, the heavenwood head is larger than my 3 wood so I'll hold out for a suitable 7 wood or bite the bullet and buy new.
  4. Seriously looking at a second hand Callaway Epic Flash Heavenwood. Its got the shaft I want and the ability to adjust loft without affecting the lie is making me think it's worth the gamble. Ideally I'd get a 7 wood, but finding a used one with a stiff shaft, let alone a shaft I know suits me is no easy task.
  5. The green tees are rated 6 under, blues are 2 over. I think playing off scratch from the greens messes with my head. It also doesn't feel like "real" golf.
  6. I'll be playing my normal tees, about 6,600 yards par 71. Other options are 6,800 or way back to 5,2000. Interestingly I score better from the back tees. Par 3's will require some interesting shot manufacturing, 2 play about 145, one at 180 and one at 200.
  7. No good Kev, take it easy and as @tommc23 said, listen to your body. Waiting an extra day or 2 to get back into things can only be a good thing.
  8. Welcome to my world. Had to replace washing machine, oven and fridge over about 2 months earlier this year. At least I'm really happy with the fridge and oven, and the washing machine seems to still automatically get my clothes clean.
  9. I wish. Probably due to jumping on quickly at work between patients and sorting out a room reconfiguration. A few similarities to drunk posting
  10. Obviously I've got no idea, I can't challenge @MaxEntropy as he isn't in the challenge. I'll have a crack at @B.Boston instead. I don't care who I make cry.
  11. I'll still smash him.I don't want to make poor @MaxEntropy cry, but if that's what it takes I'm willing to do it.
  12. Good time for me to get on board as we can't play official competitions. After some clarification, I'm assuming wedges include pitching wedge? I'll challenge @MaxEntropy. I'll probably score better not using irons as lately I can't hit one to save myself.
  13. Peaksy68


    Decided to have a restaurant at home as we're back in lockdown. Gave the family the choice of either starter or dessert, and a choice of 4 mains. Luckily for the chef (me) 3 of us wanted the same dish. I decided to throw in a surprise Amuse Bouche of a small Poke bowl to start. Main course for 3 of us was New York Sirloin with blue cheese and onion sauce, served with duck fat potatoes and roasted winter vegetables. Sous vide the beef and finished it over charcoal. My youngest is mad for pasta, she had Pork Belly Ragu with Fettuccine. Plenty of leftover sauce so the extra effort wasn't any problem. Dessert was Lemon and Lime Tart. Mains were served with Yangarra Shiraz 2014 from McLaren Vale in South Australia, seriously good wine, power, balance and vibrancy. Dessert was paired with Scloss Volrads Auslese Riesling 2010 from Rheingau in Germany. L don't drink this style very often, and wish I had it more often. Now I'm contemplating a cheese platter, but everyone else is full so I'll probably smash into it tomorrow.
  14. Hope you're pleasantly surprised. Handicap suggestions for clubs are pretty vague at best, and at worst meaningless. Looking forward to your thoughts and fingers crossed the are a good match for your game.
  15. Congrats everyone. Hoping for lots of good info and not too many hat pics!
  16. Congrats on the 4 years Rob. Thanks for all the effort in keeping this place running so smoothly. Hopefully I'll get to tee it up with you somewhere down the road. Unfortunately my very loose plans for a US trip have been pushed back indefinitely. Keep up the good work and stay safe and healthy.
  17. Another one down. Short par 4, 335 yards. 3 wood, 70 yard lob wedge, 12 foot uphill nearly straight putt. 4 more to finish the list.
  18. Not exactly sure what my score would have been, as I was playing in a 4BBB. My partner was solid all day, I had my moments. Drove the ball well, fairways ok, wedges ok, putted pretty well, but as is becoming my usual, my irons were atrocious. Had a couple of birdies and holed a couple of long putts but my poor iron play is really frustrating me.
  19. Played a very casual 9 with my older daughter. She hasn't been on the course since January, and swung the club really well. She was 12 over for the 9, with 2 x 4 putts and a 3 putt. I drove it well and putted well, had 3 over with a double despite poor irons. After a tough couple of weeks it was great to get out there with my daughter, I had a couple of beers and she had a cider for her first on course drink. Not sure if I'm a good influence.
  20. I thought you were giving up the game due to too much exposure to @MattF's hat
  21. Today we had to say goodbye to our dog Freya. She had been part of our lives for 12 years and will be sorely missed. She was a Hungarian Viszla, and really lived up to the Velcro dog label. Whenever I was working outside she would be glued to my side. She made it difficult to work on my short game outside.
  22. What fitting process did you guys all undertake? It might be in there somewhere, but I can't see past the memes Interested to see not a lot of love for 5 woods, so far @daviddvm seems to be the only one, @GB13 might add on to the mix. This alone may cause me to throw my support behind @daviddvm, but I'm open to bribery, and susceptible to coercion.
  23. My nephew's band Mylk, new song released this week. https://www.triplejunearthed.com/jukebox/play/track/9544391 Really good young bloke who has some serious talent. He's doing the vocals and plays lead.
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