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  1. Hit 50 balls after work. Trying to ingrain my new 2/3 swing. Also worked on @chisag 's "Swing every iron like a wedge" theory. 6 iron was much better when I swung it like an easy wedge. Distance, accuracy and ball flight were so much better. Now I need to take it onto the course.
  2. Had my 4 month skin check last week, very happy to say it was all good, no biopsy required, let alone anything cut out. I'm on a 4 month schedule as I've had two Melanomas removed this year. Thankfully both were fully contained within the dermis and no further follow up was required. I was fully expecting to have another biopsy and removal, very pleased that wasn't the case. Two more clear checks and I can go back to yearly checks. Melanoma is a national curse here in Australia, the environment isn't well suited to pasty pale people like me, curse those Anglo-Celtic genes.
  3. Next time, remember to do what you are told. Sweet potato, not thumb. Glad it's not me, my wife would never let me live it down. Another point, very glad to see a picture of you without "the hat" Hope the thumb comes good soon
  4. Thanks everyone, had a good relaxed day. Hoping 51 treats me better than 50. @Kenny B the weather here has been unseasonably cool. My daughter is travelling to Seattle on 30 November for a basketball trip and when I looked on Thursday it was the same temperature as here. I'm expecting things to get warmer over the next week or so, and hopefully she won't come across severe cold.
  5. I think there may be a line forming for this
  6. First round for a couple of weeks after a sore back put me out of action. Started well with a birdie, holed a 50 foot downhill putt that looked in from 20 feet. It all went backwards after that, hit a bad shot on every hole for the next 11 holes and missed way too many 6-10 foot putts. Finished a bit better, ended up 12 over. Most of my bad shots were due to overswinging. Need to remember that 2/3 is the new full. Had an enjoyable day despite the poor play. Played with a long term mate and a couple of his mates who have recently joined my club. Lots of laughs interspersed with some good golf. For a change the weather was pretty good, only blowing 1 1/2 - 2 clubs.
  7. Thought I'd get in early (just to steal @MattF 's thunder) in wishing Stud a happy birthday. Thanks for all your work around the place, hope you have a great day.
  8. Belated happy birthday (technically happy anniversary of your birthday) Hope to get a chance to tee it up with before we both get too much older. I was going to go all @downlowkey in my use of language, but unfortunately I haven’t the equivalent breadth of vocabulary to match you
  9. Peaksy68

    CG2 WITB Through The Years

    I thought it should be "CG2 WITB Through This Week"
  10. A good reminder for me. Keep up the good work MGS.
  11. Last saw Neil (and the Horse) 6 years ago. Outdoor concert in appalling weather. They bought Like a Hurricane forward from the encore due to the conditions. Neil getting one of the roadies to dry Old Black mid song without missing a beat was probably my music highlight. Currently kicking back listening to Dinosaur Junior, Without a Sound. Great mellow album with lots of memories attached.
  12. First round of Club Championship, really tough day. Wind was crazy, 30-35 mph with gusts even stronger. Played solidly on the front, turned 5 over. Back 9 was a different story. Racked up a series of doubles and limped in with a 49. The wind ended up frying my brain, struck the ball well but it really was guess work. Currently in 35th, the leader shot 5 over playing off plus 3.
  13. The only photo of me on the day and its after my only bad tee shot. I was very lucky to have a shot after it ended up much better than I expected. I'm blaming a long wait on the tee, not a lack of ability
  14. Day 5 Portsea Golf Club. After a trip across Port Philip Bay on the ferry I teed it up for my 5th day in a row. Conditions were much better today, still coolish but the sun came out and there was a gentle breeze at best. Really solid round. Drove the ball well, fairways and irons were solid. Short game was very good and my putting was excellent. Had a 3 putt after misjudging the speed on a long uphill putt, but had 10x1 putt greens. Some were due to good chips or putts from off the green finishing close, but holed several putts over 10 feet. Finished with 40 Stableford points which was 4 better than my daily handicap of 9. 76 (5 over) was my best round in well over a year. I was unsure if playing 5 days straight was going to be a mistake, but I'm incredibly happy with how things have gone. I've been forced to learn what my body (mainly my right shoulder) will let me do in my swing and the repetition has ingrained things a bit. My new swing now feels like my swing. I had great groups on all 5 days, only played with the same person twice and every one I played with was great company. A really fun social side outside of the golf has made for a seriously enjoyable few days. I'll try to get a few pictures posted show how stunning these courses have been. I feel privileged to live so close to such great golf courses.
  15. Day 4 Second round of the main event at 13th Beach Creek course. Much better conditions, only a 2 club breeze blowing, and no rain. Awful start, chunked my first shot into the water. No warm up is not a great idea when your as rusty as me, particularly after a big night. Holed a 15 foot bogey putt on the second to get things going. Played solidly all day apart from 2 awful par 3's. One was my starting hole, the next was 125 yards that I managed to double bogey, including my only 3 putt of the day. Putted extremely well, 9 1 putt greens and a couple of long range 2 putts. Finished with 38 points, my best round in a long time. Ran 5th for the round and finished 4th in the 2 day competition. Had a great time over the last 4 days, on great golf courses with great company. One day to go and I'm still feeling physically ok.
  16. Day 3 A bit late with the report as post round festivities took precedence! First round of the main event at 13th Beach's Beach course. Extreme winds again and a few rain squalls that made things interesting. Played reasonably well, finished with 32 Stableford points, 4 behind handicap. A couple of mental errors cost me several shots. Getting ambitions and capability mixed up is never good for my score. Didn't putt very well by my normal standards but driver was mostly solid and found some confidence in my 3 wood. The leader had 36 points which demonstrates how hard the conditions were.
  17. Day 2 Wind was even worse than yesterday. My game was either good or awful. The greens were as I expected, as close to perfect putting surfaces as you can get. I managed to duck hook several 5 woods more than 50 yards off line, which was more than a little disconcerting. No rain, so at least I didn't have to dull down my ensemble with wet weather gear. Highlight of the day was a birdie on the 195 yd 2nd after a 7 iron to 15 feet. A normal 7 iron for me is 155. Despite my play it was still a very enjoyable day, played with 2 very good mates and a guy who could well become one. Forecast for tomorrow is more strong wind and maybe some rain. Expecting another tough day at the office, but it's an office I love to be in.
  18. Day 1 done and dusted. Really tough conditions, wind 20-30 mph, with a few heavy showers to make it even more interesting. Played ok, finished with 32 Stableford points, only 1 behind the winner. Didn't make any putts and made a few mental errors when the rain hit. Had a really enjoyable day despite the weather, guys I played with all enjoyed my home track, we all had a lot of laughs. Only had to don the rain jacket and ruin my ensemble a few times. Hoping for better weather and golf tomorrow.
  19. Only problem is, I don't really know what my game is. Hopefully the weather doesn't turn, wet weather gear ruins my main strength of well matched ensembles.
  20. Tomorrow I start a 5 day marathon of golf, mostly within 20 minutes of home. It's for a local Aus golf forum's "National Championship" All 5 courses are rated in Australia's top 100. Days 3 and 4 are the main event, played over 36 holes, with the other days individual events. All days are being played as handicap Stableford format, which takes a bit of pressure off. Day 1 At my home club, Curlewis Golf Club. https://curlewisgolf.com.au/pages/first I hope local knowledge will give me a bit of an advantage. Day 2 Barwon Heads Golf Club One of Australia's oldest high end courses. Very staid, but a lovely course right on the coast. https://www.barwonheads.golf/cms/ Reasonably short, but can be seriously windy. The greens have a reputation for being some of the best in Australia. Day 3 and 4 13th Beach Golf Club https://www.13thbeachgolf.com/cms/ Beach Course followed by Creek Course. Interestingly (at least to me) the club is named after the adjacent surf beach, which is in turn, named after the 13th hole of Barwon Heads GC next door. The Beach course runs through some stunning dunes, whilst The Creek is on the inland side of the property. The Beach in particular can be hammered by wind, and both courses have fast and firm greens. Day 5 A short ferry trip to the other side of Port Philip Bay to Portsea Golf Club https://www.portseagolf.com.au/cms/ Another beautifully conditioned course, with lots of undulating holes. Plenty of social events go along with this, so it all adds up to a great few days. I'm not sure I'm up to 5 consecutive days of golf, especially walking every day except day 4, but here's hoping I can handle it. I'm still not sure about my swing and body but there was no way I'd miss this one.
  21. One of my daughters basketball team mates has just signed with Stanford. She had to decide between Stanford, Boston, Texas and Duke. Obviously she's a seriously talented player, but also a lovely girl and has always been encouraging and supportive of her teammates, despite being the best player on the team by a significant margin. A freakishly athletic girl who has worked hard at both her game and studies. Any of you interested in NCAA Women's Basketball, keep an eye out for Agnes Emma-Nnopu. She's come a long way from a small country town in Victoria, Australia.
  22. Played ok today, getting used to my physical limitations, after a poor round last week. My last round was awful, probably pre determined by a few things,, a good score prior, a network hack at work, and, sadly finding out that a member of my club that I had a great relationship with had died just as I was walking off the practice green. I shed a few tears with his brother, who is also a great bloke. My game was garbage, but sometimes golf comes second. This week I decided to pay a bit of a tribute to my mate. He was the opposite of me in dress sense, but very similar in attitude. I gave him the nickname of "Fifty", short for Fifty Shades of Gray, as he always managed to wear multiple shades of gray, with actual colour rarely getting a run. Our sense of golf fashion couldn't be further apart. Happily I played pretty well. Had 11 over playing off 10, with a triple and 2 doubles. Putted well, and drove it solidly. A couple of awful 95 yard sand wedges cost me a bit. Great weather and great company made for a really enjoyable day. Catching up with my late mate's brother after my round was a great finish to the day. R.I.P. Garry.
  23. First reasonable full round this year. Started poorly, 7 over through 6 despite putting well. Things improved dramatically from there, 2 over for the last 12 holes. Putting was excellent, holed 2 from outside 20 feet, shortest putt I missed was outside 12 feet. Nearly every putt I holed was dead centre. Drove it ok, irons improved as the round went along. Not really sure if I've turned the corner, but at least I can see it now.
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