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  1. Wow, very excited and thankful to have been selected. Can’t wait for the process to begin.
  2. Any update on comments not displaying?
  3. Grand final is on 25th September (our time) so some time on the 24th for you. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to watch it and (hopefully)see Melbourne defeat the Western Bulldogs to win their first flag since 1964
  4. First round in 6 weeks after our lockdown was eased. No competition allowed so we played a 3 man skins. Golf was a bit of a mixed bag but it was great to get out on the course. Wind was blowing about 20mph and gusting around, greens were very slow. Hit a few big drives (for me) including one over 300 off the first (straight downwind) Irons we’re ok, misjudged the wind a couple of times and hit it through the green. Short game was not unexpectedly below average. Leftt a lot of putts short, really struggled getting the ball to the hole on the slow greens. Highlights were a couple of birdies after hitting it close and our 4th who I’d not met before also dressed for the occasion and celebrating the Australian Football team we both support making the AFL Grand Final (our Super Bowl equivalent) after a great win on Friday night.
  5. Not so much the zero policy for me, more the fact he butchered the vaccination roll out. Should have been 3 months ahead of where we are. Squandered the hard work it took to get to zero.
  6. I get to play this week after my states lockdown for regional areas finishes. Hopefully we can remain healthy and the rest of the state can reopen and get back to more normal life soon. @Firebird, hope you’re getting out on course this weekend too.
  7. @GolfSpy_APH @GolfSpy_THV Just posted another comment in the Sub70 driver thread. Last comment I could see was by Bens197, which was the last one when I commented on Saturday. After posting a comment, I could see about 10-15 new comments after Bens (not including my comment from Saturday. Now for the weird bit. When I went back to check Bens full name, his was the last visible comment again. I commented again and took a screenshot while in the thread and after leaving and going back into it to demonstrate. After comment After going back into thread
  8. Not sure if this will show up, but I.m in. Despite not being sure if I’m a “better” player” this sounds like a very interesting driver. Pretty sure that Jason from Sub70 will be involved in the fitting process, which will make the test even more interesting for both testers and readers.
  9. I posted a comment yesterday and it hasn't shown up. It was around 10am Aus Eastern Time if that helps
  10. I’m in, not sure if I fit the better player profile though. The shaft options look great, and all I’ve heard about Sub 70 is that Jason really knows his stuff. Pretty sure he will be directly involved through the process which will be very cool.
  11. I was hoping it was a new hat. Apologies to @The Hat
  12. Great work team. I still use my PuttOut system from 2019 and it has really helped my putting. @Blueberry_Squishie , hopefully we’ll be able to get out on the course soon and you see an improvement in your putting. At least you’ve got something to help keep you occupied during our lockdown.
  13. Like @sirchunksalot I vote none of the above. Love the Brewster's Millions reference I joined nearly 5 1/2 years ago, and was fortunate to have been selected for a putter review when I had around 30 posts, and hadn't made any donations. My post rate is about 300/yr. I have probably applied for 5 or 6 reviews a year (probably less) All up I have done 3 reviews, which could probably be described as small (training device), medium (putter) and large (iron set). All of these entailed significant time and effort, but were certainly worth it. I'd like to think my work has benefited other golfers. In that time there have only been a handful (that I can recall) of testers not complete their reviews, one of which was in my first review. That's a pretty good strike rate for hundreds of testing opportunities, so obviously the "formula" for choosing reviewers works pretty well.
  14. To put my technical hat on, MRI wouldn't be much use, as it basically demonstrates water, which hopefully modern balls don't have much of.
  15. Did the images out of hours when no patients booked while on my break. It's at the site I manage and my manager has no problem with it. We're currently in lockdown, and our bookings are down as a result. Fortunately our area is doing ok at the moment. I found it almost therapeutic after dealing with the daily stress of dealing with pandemic response, especially making sure we have adequate supplies of PPE to keep my staff safe and healthy.
  16. No helium in CT’s, that’s MRI. CT is really just fancy x-ray. The impact of helium shortages on MRI could be catastrophic somewhere down the road.
  17. Now you've ruined it for me. I was hoping people would think I was incredibly committed to golf ball QA, not just going stir crazy. At this rate 4 dozen balls may well see out my playing career
  18. Now for the probably over-hyped bonus. For a bit of fun I decided to throw some balls onto the CT Scanner. I was hoping that the CT would be able to demonstrate the cover and mantle layers. I didn't scan all 4 boxes as I thought that would be going a bit overboard. I only uploaded a few images, as they were representative. The scanner I used is capable of 0.3mm slices, and reconstructions in any plane but I thought it best to just provide a brief overview. The images are of Box 3 The large imperfection in ball 10 is even more clearly shown. As a technical note, the black round the bright dot is most probably artefact from the high density, and not a "hole" in the outer core. I measured the density of the imperfection, and it is almost certain to be metallic. No balls were harmed during this procedure, and the likelihood of the balls glowing in the dark (despite Marvel comics and @PMookie's beliefs) is negligible
  19. My recent purchase of 4 dozen Srixon Z Star XV's arrived yesterday, so it was time to get to work (actually get to playing around with my balls at work) I started by x-raying each box. I only performed 1 view of each ball, a dozen at a time. I left the balls in their sleeves and boxes but removed the lid from the box. I tried to obtain sharp but not noisy images, so used a scatter reduction grid to tidy things up a bit. The density difference and thin layers made it impossible to visualise the skin from the mantle layer, but the combined outer 2 layers and the inner core are easily visualised. The normal radiographic rule is 2 views perpendicular to each other, which I only applied to one sleeve. My rationale was that significantly non centred cores would likely be apparent on a single view, and small high density imperfections probably aren't very likely to cause problems when playing. I did do a second view of one sleeve to determine (and demonstrate) if the high density imperfection was in the inner core or the outer core. I have marked box 1 balls 4 and 10, and box 4 ball 6 to keep them separate. I will play a couple of practice holes with them to see if I can determine any difference in playing characteristics.
  20. Probably my main issue is that the “Like/Retweet to test” is absolutely not true. When you click on the link it doesn’t take you to the forum, but to the article on the main site. Then “apply now” which takes you to the testing forum, not the main forum. Other than revenue, I can’t see it driving forum growth if people don’t even see the forum. Seeing as @GolfSpy_X started My Golf Spy to combat inaccuracies in golf industry claims, perhaps @GolfSpy_THV or someone from the blog site could explain why the SM posts are worded this way when it clearly isn’t accurate.
  21. I’m a bit concerned that the ads for testing opportunities that MGS run on Facebook and Twitter are misleading and creating more work for moderators. The make it seem like testing opportunities are a competition to win something. See the screen cap below for a Facebook example Perhaps some clarity from head office would be useful. Is a desire to increase site traffic driving these ads? I’m concerned that the misleading nature of these ads goes directly against the Truth mantra of MGS
  22. Doesn’t really work that way. I might need to get @Kenny B to explain some radiation physics to you
  23. Just ordered 4 dozen Srixon Z Star XV’s. I’m changing from the standard Z Star after reading through the MGS ball test. Took advantage of a voucher offer and got them for USD140 with a pack of tees to get me over the minimum. Planning on X-Raying them prior to use to see if I can find any with obvious concentricity problems.
  24. How do you balance your dad time between Kirke’s golf activities and your other kids who aren’t as golf mad? Does being a “golf dad” get impacted by your Sunday job, particularly if junior events are scheduled on a Sunday (like most are here in Australia)
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