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  1. Reverse seared Duck Breast with grated beetroot, duck fat roasted potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and snow peas. Sauce is reduced homemade duck stock with a tiny bit of Hoisin sauce and balsamic. First time I’ve tried reverse searing duck, won’t be cooking it any other way now. Went a treat with a 2016 Lange Nebbiolo from Benevelli.



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  2. I think my thoughts are already well known. I agree wholeheartedly with @MaxEntropy’s comments about the testing section rollout. Communication is absolutely the key to managing change. Having to actively look for review updates on a (technically) separate forum is annoying, and probably significantly reduces traffic on the reviews. 

    To be totally honest, the AMA is mildly interesting at best. I was really hoping for a lot more from the Content Hunter role, although I understand that the forum changes have had an impact on the implementation of this role. One new thread with a handful of different topics has probably under delivered from the forums expectations.

    Hopefully any future significant changes to the forum will be made separately to significant staff changes. Managing both at the same time only magnifies any problems.

    There has been a significant lack of presence of most of the admin/moderator team on the forum since the changes in staff.  It’s all well and good for staff to be working in the background(and I appreciate the work being done), but it would be great to see more presence on the forums from the entire team. It seems like the only regular moderator presence on the forum over the last few months is from @GolfSpy_APH, hopefully we can see the rest of the team engaging with the forum and its membership 



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  3. The Aussie Rules Football team that I’ve followed all my life has won the Grand Final for the first time since 1964. I was born in 1968, so to say that I’m happy would be understating it by a factor of 1000. After starting well we were in trouble during the 3rd quarter.  Totally dominated from there. So happy I was able to enjoy it and share it with my long suffering (putting up with my disappointment)family.


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  4. 11 hours ago, tony@CIC said:

    After seeing @MattF's  'outfit' at our outing this past Sunday,  I'm surprised that  @The Shorts  hasn't made an appearance as a new member. 

    Edit: a close-up pic of The Shorts was a missed opportunity. 😀

    Thank you for missing that opportunity 😅

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  5. Planting some extra vines in my tiny backyard vineyard today. Just after I finished digging my last hole of 90, we were hit by a 5.9 Earthquake.  Don’t think my digging caused it 🤞


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  6. 49 minutes ago, PMookie said:

    I used to watch AFL on ESPN and LOVED the sport! I became a fan of Carlton just because I liked the looks of their guernsey!!! Such a fun sport. 

    Grand final is on 25th September (our time) so some time on the 24th for you. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to watch it and (hopefully)see Melbourne defeat the Western Bulldogs to win their first flag since 1964

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  7. 1 minute ago, MattF said:

    I'm just glad ScoMo finally realised that there's no way there could ever be a zero policy. There may be hope that I can come out at the end of next year or March 2023.

    Not so much the zero policy for me, more the fact he butchered the vaccination roll out. Should have been 3 months ahead of where we are. Squandered the hard work it took to get to zero. 

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  8. @GolfSpy_APH @GolfSpy_THV Just posted another comment in the Sub70 driver thread. Last comment I could see was by Bens197, which was the last one when I commented on Saturday. After posting a comment, I could see about 10-15 new comments after Bens (not including my comment from Saturday. 

    Now for the weird bit. When I went back to check Bens full name, his was the last visible comment again.

    I commented again and took a screenshot while in the thread and after leaving and going back into it to demonstrate. 

    After comment



    After going back into thread




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  9. 21 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

    I see all the comments on my end. I do notice that is says 0 and wonder if this is part with the comments having not been split yet. I'll send it off to our dev and see if they have an answer for it. I can confirm I see all the comments though. 

    I posted a comment yesterday and it hasn't shown up. It was around 10am Aus Eastern Time if that helps

  10. 18 minutes ago, Gil B said:

    So, I think we can all agree that MGS needs to invest in a CT Scan and an X-ray machine. Now, if we could only get the MRI in the study we can analyze the beJesus out of these balls. LOL Great work from a true golfaholic.


    To put my technical hat on, MRI wouldn't be much use, as it basically demonstrates water, which hopefully modern balls don't have much of. 

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  11. 32 minutes ago, Nat said:

    I hope your hospital administrators are members of this forum. And i hope you didn’t bump a patient to do this. Or is it your own CT scan?

    Did the images out of hours when no patients booked while on my break. It's at the site I manage and my manager has no problem with it.


    36 minutes ago, Tom23 said:

    What a great use of X Ray and CT scanners. I guess the plandemic has left a lot of people in the medical community with nothing better to do.

    We're currently in lockdown, and our bookings are down as a result. Fortunately our area is doing ok at the moment.

    I found it almost therapeutic after dealing with the daily stress of dealing with pandemic response, especially making sure we have adequate supplies of PPE to keep my staff safe and healthy.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, rbsiedsc said:

    So while cool, as a chemist,  I cringe seeing a ct used on golf balls when there is a helium shortage (for those who don't know, helium keeps the magnets cold and prevent them from seizing and preserving their magnetic field strength. )

    No helium in CT’s, that’s MRI. CT is really just fancy x-ray. The impact of helium shortages on MRI could be catastrophic somewhere down the road.

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  13. 24 minutes ago, Blueberry_Squishie said:

    You can tell we haven't been able to get to the course in a little while. Nice stuff!

    Now you've ruined it for me. I was hoping people would think I was incredibly committed to golf ball QA, not just going stir crazy. At this rate 4 dozen balls may well see out my playing career😅

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