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Test Comments posted by Peaksy68

  1. Not sure if this will show up, but I.m in. Despite not being sure if I’m a “better” player” this sounds like a very interesting driver. Pretty sure that Jason from Sub70 will be involved in the fitting process, which will make the test even more interesting for both testers and readers.

  2. I’m in, not sure if I fit the better player profile though🤔. The shaft options look great, and all I’ve heard about Sub 70 is that Jason really knows his stuff. Pretty sure he will be directly involved through the process which will be very cool.

  3. 1 hour ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

    That process started hours after sign up opened. Don't you worry we are on it and have been working on that consistently throughout the days as signups have come in! 

    As the previous 76er's teams would say "Trust the process".

    Hope your process is better than the '76ers 😅

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  4. 19 hours ago, Rickp said:

    Unfortunately only a few do.

    I hope the mods have a way of filtering out all the applicants who aren't even signed up to the forum or aren't active. If it's a manual process the next models might be released before they wade through all of these applications.

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  5. 3 hours ago, artful_golfer said:

    Problems with new Test Opportunities setup.

    Anyone else having difficulties with the "comments" tab opening. It takes twice going through finding and clicking on "comments" tab for it to actually open that tab instead of switching back to "Reviews". And then when I click on a page number at any time (like choosing to go to the last comment), it switches back to the "Reviews" tab and I must go through the process again.

    I'm not convinced that anyone else on the forum (outside of us PuttOUT reviewers, our moderator and one other, @Superjoemofo) are receiving notifications or seeing  any of our posts. Do they even know about the new review posting setup? I don't receive a notification when you guys post on this review/comments and I've checked my settings. But I still receive notifications on other forum streams that I follow.

    I just had the same problem, perhaps message @GolfSpy_APH or post something in the suggestion box

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  6. Really interested in how these putters and the fitting woks. I won't be applying as no fitters in Australia and I think it's best for the review to include the whole process. Good luck to the applicants, should be a very worthwhile review for MGS readers

  7. 2 hours ago, jddaigneault said:

    Every time I see another notification for this post the chorus from "All out of love" by Air Supply starts going off in my head.


    ...I wish I was kidding...

    One of Australia’s most disappointing exports.  Due to his hat, @MattFhas got them covered

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  8. 3 hours ago, jlukes said:

    My local range just send out an email that they are hosting a Cobra fitting day next Monday.  I called an reserved my spot -- just in case 😎

    I’m booking a lesson later this week, with e really experienced fitter. If the timing is right I would happily change from lesson to fitting if need be. 😁 I miss the Cobra demo day he is hosting by a day as I’m flying home on Saturday when it’s on. Regardless of the Cobra Connect 5 outcome I would have loved to have tried the Cobra gear out in one sitting (perhaps that should be one swinging)

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  9. 11 hours ago, jlukes said:

    Whoever is selected for CC5, I hope there is less memes and gifs than previous years. It made the thread extremely hard to follow for real information 

    Hopefully more meaningful and less memeful.  Not to say that there was a lack of meaningful last year, and that a few memes scattered through can't add to things but a full page of memes can get difficult, especially when trying to view on a phone.

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