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  1. Played interclub matchplay pennant against a guy I’ve never met today.He said he’s looking at getting some Takomo irons. (Unprompted conversation) Told him I’d signed up, he was amazed that the opportunity was available. Great to see new brands building awareness in untapped markets.

    L.A.B Putters


    This really grabbed my attention. Be very interesting to see how it compares to my current MLA putter, which is another company doing something different.

  2. 2 hours ago, twyatt700 said:

    I had the same change! Ball flight is lower and with a draw vs my normal fade. I haven’t been able to get out for a month due to my shoulder but should get back into after the new year

    I was hitting it lower, but a change in tee height has improved launch. I’m really happy with the trajectory, just need to remember to change my aim on the tee.

    Hope your shoulder comes back well, make sure you do your rehab religiously (talking from experience here👍)

  3. Still getting used to the 849 Pro. Definitely enjoying it. My ball flight has changed to a reasonably consistent high gentle draw.  I got into trouble a few times during my last round by taking the wrong line. Starting left edge of the fairway to allow for the fade doesn't work with the draw!  20 mph wind from the right didn't help either. Getting good distance, and continue to be impressed with how it performs into strong wind. Spin must be low, as I'm yet to see any hint of ballooning.

  4. Taking the 849 Pro out on course for the first time over the next 2 days. Wasn’t making great contact in the net, but after gripping down a bit was making consistent centre face contact. It’s the same length as my current driver,but it’s shaft is counter balanced. Going to do the odds vs evens with each driver, such a good idea, wish I’d thought of it

  5. It’s on the way! Not sure how long it will take to get here, but got notified this morning that it’s coming. 

    I’ve gone with a 10.5 Head with a Project X Evenflow Riptide 6.0 60gm. I’ve had Evenflow Blue shafts in my fairways for a while now and really like how they match my swing. From what I’ve read the Riptide should suit me well too.

    Looking forward to putting in some range time to find my best loft/face angle/weight combinations to optimise my settings. My clubs range has Toptracer, so comparisons between settings should be easy to see.


    Very much looking forward to testing this driver.

  6. Not sure if this will show up, but I.m in. Despite not being sure if I’m a “better” player” this sounds like a very interesting driver. Pretty sure that Jason from Sub70 will be involved in the fitting process, which will make the test even more interesting for both testers and readers.

  7. I’m in, not sure if I fit the better player profile though🤔. The shaft options look great, and all I’ve heard about Sub 70 is that Jason really knows his stuff. Pretty sure he will be directly involved through the process which will be very cool.

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