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  1. Congrats @Sluggo42 . Did your long ball come after the hole in 1?
  2. Best round in a long time, aided in no small part by the conditions being much better than recently. Fairways have firmed up a bit and the greens are finally starting to roll well after a heavy scarifying 2 months ago. 3 over 74, with a drowned ball and bogeying 3 of the par 3's. Only birdie came on my last hole of the day. Putted well, and scrambled well. Short game was pretty close to where I need it to be to score well. Hoping I haven't peak(sy)ed too early with the club championships starting Saturday.
  3. Has anyone got experience with these shafts? I'm currently playing my fairways with Evenflow Blue 6.0 75g, and am looking at Titleist TS2 7 woods, 2nd hand with the RIP Phenom Stiff 80g or new with Tensei Blue 65g. I love the Evenflow. From what I can find the RIP Phenom description sounds promising, but I'm a little concerned about the low torque potentially being an issue. The price is good, and finding a 7 wood with a heavy(ish) stiff shaft 2nd hand has been difficult. New would be AUD160 more. I'm tempted to just go with the 2nd hand, and take the gamble that the shaft is good for me, but any input would be appreciated.
  4. Now that is a crap birthday present. Hope it’s the low point until your next birthday.
  5. We missed most of the rain, but it was enough to postpone the first round of club championship as the greens were unplayable in the morning. Had a relaxed social 18 in the afternoon with only a couple of showers, but it was very soft underfoot.
  6. They’re even stranger than the cockroaches
  7. Maybe they decided not to focus on the player running 73rd of 77. At least the contest between Tiger and Phil is close.
  8. Can’t be that regular, first time I’ve heard it. Must be a Sydney thing, they’re strange up there
  9. The Waikoloa Beach courses are pretty good. Nowhere near as fancy as Mauna Kea, but a lot less cost also. I played them in 2016, so condition could be an issue, but the layouts are good and fun to play.
  10. Happy birthday to a fellow Victorian. Hope you live close enough to a course to get out for a birthday round.
  11. Surely not a return of the 2 tone Ping ball style from the late 80s?
  12. Congrats to the chosen ones, looking forward to how they work for you.
  13. My recent poor form continued. Started ok but fell in a big hole. Course is very wet and as soft as I’ve seen it. Greens are still slow and very bumpy after some work nearly 2 months ago. Motivation is a bit low. Hopefully the course improves soon.
  14. This weekend would have been my local forums annual national event. A few of us have got together the last 2 years to have the Wine Wankers dinner. I’ve hosted the last 2, so decided I should cook and drink something to try to keep things normal in these Covid times. Started with local mussels cooked in a Thai style. Served with a 2018 Gewurztraminer that was as beautiful accompaniment. Main was Rack of Lamb with a Quince, Raspberry and Port glaze. Homemade bacon with baby peas were a great accompaniment, Served with Bellarine Estate 2007 Shiraz that I helped make. 13 year old Shiraz that is seriously good and will continue to improve . Only low point is that the Shiraz is my last bottle.
  15. The complete Puttout system is reviewed here I still use it regularly, the instant feedback and narrowing of focus is great. Enjoy using it, and if you do, I’m pretty sure your putting will improve.
  16. 2020 Peacock’s Backyard Rose’. From a micro vineyard, Shiraz grapes that weren’t going to get ripe enough to make a red due to a very cold and cloudy growing season. The winemaker is pretty happy with his efforts.
  17. You birdied 14, although you did play 2 of your 4 shots from the 15th
  18. Finally birdied the first after a solid drive and 9 iron to about 12 feet. Downhill, left to right putt that would have been impossible if the greens were normal speed just caught the edge of the hole and dropped. Only the 450 yard 15th to go.
  19. After 2 rounds where I really struggled (both about 14 over) for very different reasons (6 x 3 putts, then couldn't hit the planet off the tee) I found a bit of form today, despite some extremely poor shots. Drove it pretty well, a massive improvement from my last round. 10/14 fairways, with only one of my misses hurting. Distance was closer to normal. Fairways were very soft after lots of recent rain. Shot 9 over despite 2 very soft doubles and some awful swings. Bladed it through the back twice from 110, and once from 120. A couple of birdies helped balance up the ledger. My short game is struggling to adjust to soft and slow greens post coring. Hoping that they firm up and roll better over the next few weeks.
  20. It could be done, but the logistics would be difficult to work out. Shipping would be somewhere around AUD80, depending on insurance and speed. Potential warranty issues could be something that would need to be taken into consideration. I know the owner of the local Ping stockist pretty well, he used to be a member of my club, he’d probably be more than happy to make a sale, and potentially take payment directly from any potential purchaser. Ping don’t allow online purchases in Australia, so it would have to be “in store”
  21. First time was March, opened briefly then a big spike (relatively) and locked down again. Regional areas (where I am) have had less stringent rules as case numbers were much lower. Hopefully Melbourne (5.5M) continues to drop numbers and restrictions start easing, looking like first step will happen this week. Melbourne has gone from 700+ cases a day to <20 in 5 weeks, really tough on everyone, but it’s working. A tribute to people doing the right thing, even though it’s frustrating for them.
  22. A few things to be happy about. We’re coming out of lockdown and I got to take my daughter out for a drink Got my stitches out and everything is good. Next step is I’ve been referred to the statewide clinic that does nothing but look at people with skin issues like mine Lastly, my wife and I got away for a couple of nights for the first time in about 6 months. Went down to Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, a couple of hours drive from home.For any of you thinking of having a trip to Australia it’s a must do. It was almost surreal how quiet it was, with Melbourne still locked down and no interstate or international visitors. The views from our accommodation was stunning.
  23. I’d strongly recommend getting some lessons from a local pro. Getting some basic setup advice from a pro is the best thing you can do as someone starting out. What you feel like you are doing may be different to reality, and trying to fix it yourself after reading advice may not actually help you. Although nearly everyone here is an avid golfer, there’s probably only a couple of guys actually qualified to give advice. Perhaps search for @chisag’s “tip of the day” fo some really good ideas. Is your fitting at a store or with a fitter? Hopefully it’s the latter, and the fitter might be able to give you some basics to work on. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
  24. I’m really not enjoying the process of stripping back the deck in my pool area prior to reselling it. It’s a reasonably large area, about 280 square feet, so it’s taking longer than I hoped. I wish I’d found the deck oil I’m using now earlier. The old oil had an ugly yellow pigment in it, and isn’t easy to remove. Some hideously stinky stripper, and multiple blasts with the pressure washer is getting me close to being able to reseal. A few patches need a bit of stripper applied, then refresh the timber and I’ll be right to go. The oil application is the easy part.
  25. I hit a few balls with Steven Bowditch’s 9 iron and Pitching Wedge. They were Project X 7.0 hard stepped twice. I hit the ball ok with them, but anything longer would have been a real challenge.
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