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  1. Smoked some ribs, also smoked some bacon while I had the smoker fired up. Served with some cheesy cauliflower. The following demonstrates how good the ribs came out. They were my best effort so far.
  2. It’s strange that I can get one of these bags within a week in Australia but they can’t get the same bag to the challenge guys. Also, Cobra website still says 12-15 days prior to shipping for custom orders. I would have thought Cobra might have prioritised the Cobra Connect Challenge orders as it would have to be a pretty cheap marketing opportunity, especially their marketing budget is taken as a whole. It’s not as if they weren’t aware it was happening, 2 of their senior staff are involved directly. I’m assuming those guys won’t be using whatever grips and shafts Cobra had available.
  3. @Brian Aand @Mtbryant01, were you told of the long delay when you ordered? Nearly 3 months is getting crazy. No bags yet seems very strange.I wonder if Cobra are expecting everyone to carry a loose pile of clubs around with them. Unfortunately Cobra seem to be giving themselves a black eye.
  4. I know that there are serious issues with supply, but to not be able to provide any of your top 4 is appalling. To substitute something with a different sizing is perhaps even worse. I would have thought they should have been able to offer a standard grip, even if it was an upcharge (that they really should cover) I’d be very interested if they are substituting shafts and grips for normal customers. Were the grips you had installed built in Arccos grips?
  5. After my moderate success making a fairway headcover, I decided to have a go at a putter cover, despite my lack of sewing skills. It was certainly a lot trickier than the fairway cover, with a lot of things to figure out before I started. I’m reasonably happy with the result, it’s a bit ratty in one spot but it works and looks good in the bag, especially alongside the fairway cover. I’m contemplating making more fairway covers, I’ve got enough materials for about 20 All up they’ve cost me less than AUD20 and a bit of time.
  6. This newest glitch is bizarre. How can it be different for every review thread. Also concerned we’re going to burn out the moderator team if they have to continue to work their way through massive numbers of applicants who according to the “How Testers Are Chosen” thread are no chance of being selected. Obviously lots more work behind the scenes, as the time between applications closing and announcement has grown significantly with the new system. Hopefully all these teething issues can be sorted so the mods can have time to engage with the forum
  7. I was going to say the same thing, but 4 months isn’t that much of a difference. There’d only be a few who aren’t newbies to you. Congrats and thanks for all the great work you’ve done around the place @Golfspy_CG2
  8. Hope your process is better than the '76ers
  9. I hope the mods have a way of filtering out all the applicants who aren't even signed up to the forum or aren't active. If it's a manual process the next models might be released before they wade through all of these applications.
  10. Messy round on Saturday. Probably not too bad after a couple of weeks of lockdown and blustery 15mph wind that seemed to be blowing in multiple directions at the same time. 14 over playing off 7. Drove it ok, had a few misses left with an unexpected draw, and only one miss right. Irons were a very missed bag. Putted ok, but had a couple of 3 putts after leaving myself downhill putts on very slick greens. Bunker play was a absolute highlight, from 5 green side bunkers got up and down 3 times and missed a 3 footer. Best was off the downslope to a pin 3 yards from the lip. Played it to 2 feet and made the putt.
  11. My second hand Titleist TS2 7 wood didn’t come with a headcover. I’ve been looking for one since I got it. Nothing I’ve found that I like suited my budget, so I decided to make my own. It’s very basic, but should do the job. The outer fabric is upholstery material, and it’s lined with fleece. I thought the “Lego” like pattern was a good fit with my game, building blocks are all there, but falls apart without much pressure This was actually my second attempt, first one was okay, but a bit rough. I’m contemplating making a new putter cover, but that may be beyond my skill level. Pretty sure I’m a better golfer than seamstress.
  12. Vaccine is free for 60+ here, not sure of the cost for under 60.
  13. That’s what I thought, although I think @sirchunksalot is a fair bit younger than me. Can’t get anti virals until the rash breaks out, doctor expects that to be in the next couple of days. Supposed to reduce the length and severity of it
  14. Shingles are not a lot of fun
  15. Locked down so no golf. Decided to do my usual putting drill with my PuttOut system. Took five try’s to roll 3 through the gate at 3’ after just clipping the left side on the first 2. Put my first from 3’ into the micro target, then my first from 4’. Lipped out 5 in a row from 5’, then decided to stop while I had things where I wanted. Hopefully be back on course Wednesday.
  16. Great that these issues have been fixed. Hopefully the whole change process will be reviewed thoroughly and any significant future changes will be communicated clearly and early and that changes will be rigorously tested prior to roll out. Also hope the tab title can be changed quickly to reflect what is actually under it. It’s still counterintuitive (and more than a little bewildering) to have no mention of the current reviews under the Official Reviews tab Thanks for all the communication @GolfSpy_APH, seems a bit rough that the last guy on has to be the only one publicly communicating with the wider forum.
  17. Hope you’re not having to do it all yourself
  18. Any updates on the photo glitch and the glitch that takes you back to the review when you try to click on the last page of the comment section? It took almost as long to scroll through the pictures multiple times as to read the reviews. As an extra reason to remove the extra pics, I imagine the OEMs that are providing equipment wouldn’t love to see pics of competitors equipment that aren’t even part of the review being front and centre (see Fujikara/ Evnroll) header for an example of this. I went in only because @MaxEntropy tweeted that his review had started. Perhaps encouraging those reviewers who are on Twitter to tweet about their review, might also be able to link it to help more casual readers who follow MyGolfSpy on Twitter.
  19. Good work on the intros team
  20. Congrats testers, really hoping at least one of you is already using an Evnroll, the direct comparison of results between the shaft would be great to read about.
  21. I'm ineligible to win, so I'll pick people I want to win. If I was eligible I would have been picking DeChambeau and Reed to ruin their chances
  22. I'd like to thank @GolfSpy_APH for putting this thread up. He only came on to the moderator team after the changes were made, and seems to be carrying the load. Absolutely agree about how unintuitive it is. Over the last 10 years I've had to choose around $3 million of X-ray equipment, the choices have nearly always come down to how intuitive the interfaces are. If smart engaged people can't find things, how can you expect anyone else to? It's disappointing that most of the issues that have been raised here have been raised with the mod team earlier but things have remained as they are until now. Perhaps some input here from @GolfSpy_THV or @GolfSpy_X would be good. If the forum understands the reasons for the change it would go a long way to getting everyone going in the same direction.
  23. I agree, if the new reviews were listed under Official Reviews, casual readers as well as regulars would be able to find them more easily. The title could be a link that takes you through to the new review section, doesn’t seem to hard Snap!
  24. I just had the same problem, perhaps message @GolfSpy_APH or post something in the suggestion box
  25. @Blueberry_Squishie, have you deliberately tried to reinforce that you’re in Australia by posting the photos upside down?
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